Zach Bryan And Brianna Chicken Fry

zach bryan and brianna chicken fry
zach bryan and brianna chicken fry

Date night at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles was a glamorous affair for country singer Zach Bryan and Bri LaPaglia, also known as “Brianna Chickenfry.” This power couple made quite the statement as they walked the red carpet, dressed to impress. Bryan looked dashing in a black suit, while LaPaglia stunned in a dark silky gown with lace sleeves.

Zach Bryan and Bri LaPaglia at the Grammy Awards
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Amidst the glitz and glamour, the couple had an adorable PDA moment, sharing a kiss that was captured by the cameras. Despite facing online criticism for their relationship, LaPaglia remains unfazed, laughing off the haters and standing by her love for Bryan.

‘The timeline is legit’: Why there’s focus on when LaPaglia and Bryan met

One aspect of their relationship that has garnered attention is the timeline of their connection. LaPaglia addressed this topic on her podcast, “PlanBri Uncut,” confirming that they began “hanging out” after Bryan ended his previous relationship with Deb Peifer. While some are fixated on the specifics of their journey, LaPaglia emphasized that it’s the sincerity of their connection that matters, not the need for public validation.

Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan at the ACM Awards
Image Source: @Plan Bri Uncut via YouTube

May 2023: Zach Bryan and Brianna LaPaglia meet at the Academy of Country Music Awards

It all started at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023. Bryan and LaPaglia crossed paths, caught in the midst of their respective relationships at the time. LaPaglia’s excitement was palpable as she eagerly anticipated meeting Bryan, describing him as the “nicest man” she had ever encountered. Their meeting left her feeling elated, and their connection grew from there.

May 2023: Zach Bryan announces he and Deb Peifer are separating

In late May 2023, Bryan publicly addressed the end of his relationship with Deb Peifer on his Twitter account. Despite the breakup, he expressed respect for their time together and urged everyone to respect their privacy during this challenging time.

June 2023: Zack Bryan slides into LaPaglia’s DMs

Following Bryan’s concert in June 2023 at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, LaPaglia found herself single again after ending her previous relationship. Bryan took the opportunity to slide into her direct messages, sparking a conversation that quickly turned into something more.

July 2023: LaPaglia announces they’re dating

On an episode of her podcast, “PlanBri Uncut,” LaPaglia revealed that she and Bryan had been “hanging out” for three weeks. She addressed the frenzy surrounding their relationship, emphasizing that they were taking things casually and enjoying the present moment. LaPaglia acknowledged the public interest in their connection but emphasized that ultimately, their happiness is what matters most.

August 2023: Brianna LaPaglia calls herself Bryan’s ‘girlfriend’

In early August, LaPaglia clarified the timeline of their relationship on her “BFFs” podcast, co-hosted by Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy. While some criticized her for not initially sharing the news, she explained that she wanted to keep their relationship private for a while. However, a viral photo of them together prompted her to go public. She defended her decision, stating that people breaking up and entering new relationships is a normal part of life.


Q: How did Zach Bryan and Brianna LaPaglia meet?

A: Bryan and LaPaglia first met at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023. Despite being in other relationships at the time, their connection sparked a friendship that eventually grew into something more.

Q: What is the timeline of Zach Bryan and Brianna LaPaglia’s relationship?

A: Bryan announced his separation from his previous girlfriend, Deb Peifer, in May 2023. Shortly after, LaPaglia and Bryan started communicating and eventually began dating in July 2023. They have since been enjoying their time together, building a connection based on mutual understanding and happiness.

In the world of music and romance, Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry have captured hearts with their love story. With each step they take together, they prove that love is a journey worth embracing, no matter the opinions of others. So, let’s celebrate their love and continue to explore the culinary delights that Takeout Food has to offer.

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