Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken: A Legendary Culinary Experience

xiang jiang soya sauce chicken
xiang jiang soya sauce chicken

Hidden amidst the calm neighborhood of Bukit Merah lies Alexandra Village Food Centre. Despite its slightly remote location, this hawker center is a haven for food enthusiasts, attracting long queues at various stalls. Among them, one stall stands out – Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken.

Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken

Run by Mr. Fung Shu Sun and his wife, Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken is no ordinary hawker stall. It has earned itself a prestigious spot in the Michelin Bib Gourmand guide, a testament to its culinary excellence. Mr. Fung, fondly known as “The Soy Sauce Chicken Man,” was previously a chef specializing in roasted meat at the renowned Raffles Hotel. However, when the hotel underwent a rebranding in 2003, he decided to venture out on his own and become a hawker.

Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken

After experimenting with various roasted meats, Mr. Fung settled on three signature dishes: soya sauce chicken, wantons and dumplings, and noodles. The recipe for his famous soy sauce chicken was acquired directly from Hong Kong when he was just 12 years old, ensuring an authentic and delightful culinary experience.

What I Tried at Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken

During my visit to Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken, I couldn’t resist ordering their iconic Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle. Priced at just S$5.50, this dish exceeded my expectations. The generous portion of soy sauce-marinated chicken pieces took up half of the plate, flaunting 6 to 7 succulent and flavorful chunks of meat with glistening fatty skin.

Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken

Each piece of chicken was marinated to perfection, offering a burst of savory juices with every bite. The mouthwatering combination of tender chicken meat and melt-in-your-mouth layer of fatty skin was truly delightful. What impressed me further was the variety of chicken parts, providing a balance of textures.

The noodles, although initially appearing slightly dry, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Despite their thinner profile compared to regular wanton mee noodles, they had a bouncy suppleness and a satisfying bite. However, the noodles had a strong alkaline taste that may not appeal to everyone. Although the soy sauce gravy was light in flavor, I found myself wishing for a bit more sauce.

Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken

To add an extra kick to the dish, I couldn’t resist trying the small dollop of chili provided on the side. Smoky, rich, and spicy, the chili elevated the entire dish, awakening my taste buds. Its addictive flavor prompted me to mix it directly into the noodles.

Shrimp Dumpling Soup: A Delightful Surprise

In addition to the Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle, I also decided to sample Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken’s Shrimp Dumpling Soup. To my surprise, I was served six large dumplings, each filled with a generous amount of minced meat, shrimp, black fungus, and crunchy water chestnut. These substantial dumplings were truly a treat!

Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken

Accompanying the dumplings was a savory yet light soup infused with the flavors of ikan bilis (anchovies) and yellow beans. Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken skillfully achieved a flavorful broth without overwhelming saltiness.

Final Thoughts

My visit to Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken in Bukit Merah was a culinary adventure worth undertaking. While the pronounced alkaline taste of the noodles may not suit everyone’s palate, the juicy and richly-flavored soy sauce chicken stole the show. The generous portions, coupled with an affordable price tag of S$5.50, made this experience even more delightful.

It is unfortunate to hear that Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken has no successor. Mr. Fung’s son has no interest in taking over the stall, and with both Mr. Fung and his wife aging, they may consider retiring if circumstances demand it. Hence, it is highly recommended to savor Mr. Fung’s delicious soy sauce chicken before this culinary gem closes its doors for good.

Expected price range: S$4.50 – S$9 per person


Q: What other dishes does Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken offer?

At Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken, you can indulge in not just their signature Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle, but also delectable options like wantons, dumplings, and various roasted meats such as roasted duck and roasted suckling pig.

Q: Can I visit Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken without long queues?

As Xiang Jiang Soya Sauce Chicken has gained popularity and critical acclaim, it is best to visit during off-peak hours to avoid long queues. However, be prepared for a wait during peak meal times, as the delicious food is well worth it.

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