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Stardew Valley has so much going for it, although you do not actually hear folks gush about what number of sorts of meals you may make and eat. However hey, there’s lots of it and most of it is fairly helpful.

Meals is your second methodology of Power regeneration for if you’re arduous at work on the farm and your main methodology of Well being regeneration if you’re out adventuring. You nearly at all times need to have some type of meals available, and the higher regeneration the higher.

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Apart from the Power and Well being regen meals gives, many dishes additionally give stat buffs to make farming or adventuring simpler for a set time period. Listed below are among the character stats particular meals can buff:

  • Farming – Makes catching fish simpler
  • Most Power – Will increase most power
  • Luck – Improves your probabilities of drops and better grade crops
  • Fight – Improves your assault energy
  • Foraging – Will increase your Foraging stage
  • Fishing – Will increase your Fishing stage
  • Magnetism – Pulls objects to you from additional away
  • Velocity – Will increase your motion velocity
  • Mining – Will increase your Mining stage
  • Protection – Improves your protection energy

The meals listed on this information are separated based mostly on whether or not they present stat buffs or not. Meals with out buffs are listed within the first desk and meals with buffs are listed within the second. Each tables are in alphabetical order.

Meals with out stat bonuses

Dish Recipe Power & Well being regen Algae Soup 4 Inexperienced Algae 75 Energy30 Well being Artichoke Dip 1 Artichoke1 Milk 100 Energy40 Well being Baked Fish 1 Sunfish1 Bream1 Wheat Flour 75 Energy30 Well being Blackberry Cobbler 2 Blackberry1 Sugar1 Wheat Flour 175 Energy70 Well being Blueberry Tart 1 Blueberry1 Wheat Flour1 Sugar1 Egg 125 Energy50 Well being Bread 1 Wheat Flour 50 Energy20 Power Bruschetta 1 Bread1 Oil1 Tomato 113 Energy45 Well being Carp Shock 4 Carp 90 Energy36 Well being Cheese Cauliflower 1 Cauliflower1 Cheese 138 Energy55 Well being Chocolate Cake 1 Wheat Flour1 Sugar1 Egg 150 Energy60 Well being Coleslaw 1 Crimson Cabbage1 Vinegar1 Mayonnaise 213 Energy85 Well being Cookie 1 Wheat Flour1 Sugar1 Egg 90 Energy36 Well being Crab Truffles 1 Crab1 Wheat Flour1 Egg1 Oil 225 Energy90 Well being Cranberry Sweet 1 Cranberry1 Apple1 Sugar 125 Energy50 Well being Fiddlehead Risotto 1 Oil1 Fiddlehead Fern1 Garlic 225 Energy90 Well being Fried Calamari 1 Squid1 Wheat Flour1 Oil 80 Energy32 Well being Fried Egg 1 Egg 50 Energy50 Well being Fruit Salad 1 Blueberry1 Melon1 Apricot 263 Energy105 Well being Glazed Yams 1 Yam1 Sugar 200 Energy80 Well being Ice Cream 1 Milk1 Sugar 100 Energy40 Well being Maki Roll 1 Fish1 Seaweed1 Rice 100 Energy40 Well being Maple Bar 1 Maple Syrup1 Sugar1 Wheat Flour 225 Energy90 Well being Omelet 1 Egg 1 Milk 100 Energy40 Well being Pale Broth 2 White Algae 125 Energy5 Well being Parsnip Soup 1 Parsnip1 Milk1 Vinegar 85 Energy34 Well being Pink Cake 1 Melon1 Wheat Flour1 Sugar1 Egg 250 Energy100 Well being Pizza 1 Wheat Flour1 Tomato1 Cheese 150 Energy60 Well being Plum Pudding 2 Wild Plum1 Wheat Flour1 Sugar 175 Energy70 Well being Poppyseed Muffin 1 Poppy1 What Flour1 Sugar 150 Energy60 Well being Pumpkin Pie 1 Pumpkin1 Wheat Flour1 Milk1 Sugar 225 Energy90 Well being Radish Salad 1 Oil1 Vinegar1 Radish 200 Energy80 Well being Rhubarb Pie 1 Rhubarb1 Wheat Flour1 Sugar 215 Energy86 Well being Rice Pudding 1 Milk1 Sugar1 Rice 115 Energy46 Well being Roasted Hazelnuts 3 Hazelnuts 175 Energy70 Well being Salad 1 Leek1 Dandelion1 Vinegar 113 Energy45 Well being Salmon Dinner 1 Salmon1 Amaranth1 Kale 125 Energy50 Well being Spaghetti 1 Wheat Flour1 Tomato 75 Energy30 Well being Stir Fry 1 Cave Carrot1 Frequent Mushroom1 Kale1 Oil 200 Energy80 Well being Unusual Bun 1 Wheat Flour1 Periwinkle1 Oak Resin 50 Energy20 Well being Tortilla 1 Corn 50 Energy20 Well being Vegetable Stew 1 Tomato1 Beet 165 Energy66 Well being

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Meals with stat bonuses

Dish Recipe Power & Well being regen Stat buffs Autumn’s Bounty 1 Yam1 Pumpkin 220 Energy88 Well being +2 Foraging+2 Protection Bean Hotpot 2 Inexperienced Bean 125 Energy50 Well being +2 Max Power Chowder 1 Clam1 Milk 225 Energy90 Well being +1 Fishing Full Breakfast 1 Fried Egg1 Milk1 Hashbrowns1 Pancake 200 Energy80 Power +2 Farming+50 Max Power Cranberry Sauce 1 Cranberries1 Sugar 125 Energy50 Well being +2 Mining Crispy Bass 1 Largemouth Bass1 Wheat Flour1 Flour 90 Energy36 Well being +64 Magnetism Dish O’ The Sea 2 Sardine1 Hashbrowns 125 Energy50 Well being +3 Fishing Eggplant Parmesan 1 Eggplant1 Tomato 175 Energy70 Well being +1 Mining+3 Protection Escargot 1 Snail1 Garlic 225 Energy90 Well being +2 Fishing Farmer’s Lunch 1 Omelet1 Parsnip 200 Energy80 Well being +3 Farming Fish Stew 1 Crayfish1 Mussel1 Periwinkle1 Tomato 225 Energy90 Well being +3 Fishing Fish Taco 1 Tuna1 Tortilla1 Crimson Cabbage1 Mayonnaise 165 Energy66 Well being +2 Fishing Fried Eel 1 Eel1 Oil 75 Energy30 Well being +1 Luck Fried Mushroom 1 Frequent Mushroom1 Morel1 Oil 135 Energy54 Well being +2 Fight Hashbrowns 1 Potato1 Oil 90 Energy36 Well being +1 Farming Lobster Bisque 1 Lobster1 Milk 225 Energy90 Well being +3 Fishing+50 Max Power Fortunate Lunch 1 Sea Cucumber1 Tortilla1 Blue Jazz 100 Energy40 Well being +3 Luck Miner’s Deal with 2 Cave Carrots1 Sugar1 Milk 125 Energy50 Well being +3 Mining+32 Magnetism Pancakes 1 Wheat Flour1 Egg 90 Energy36 Well being +2 Foraging Pepper Poppers 1 Sizzling Pepper1 Cheese 130 Energy52 Well being +2 Farming+1 Velocity Pumpkin Soup 1 Pumpkin Soup1 Milk 200 Energy80 Well being +2 Luck+2 Protection Crimson Plate 1 Crimson Cabbage1 Radish 240 Energy96 Well being +50 Max Power Roots Platter 1 Cave Carrot1 Winter Root 125 Energy50 Well being +3 Fight Sashimi 1 Fish +75 Power+30 Well being +1 Mining Spicy Eel 1 Eel1 Oil 115 Energy46 Well being +1 Luck+1 Velocity Stuffing 1 Bread1 Cranberries1 Hazelnut 170 Energy68 Well being +2 Protection Tremendous Meal 1 Bok Choy1 Cranberries1 Hazelnut 160 Energy64 Well being +40 Max Power+1 Velocity Survival Burger 1 Bread1 Cave Carrot1 Eggplant 125 Energy50 Well being +3 Foraging Tom Kha Soup 1 Coconut1 Shrimp1 Frequent Mushroom 175 Energy70 Well being +2 Farming+30 Max Power Trout Soup 1 Rainbow Trout1 Inexperienced Algae 100 Energy40 Well being +1 Fishing

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…and that is all of the meals in Stardew Valley. Every tasty dish has its use – some are greatest simply eaten for regeneration and buffs, whereas others are greatest used to make extra difficult dishes or are ideally given to villagers you need to befriend or marry.

Should you’re focused on extra Stardew Valley guides, be at liberty to check out my related guides on befriending villagers, wooing the partner of your farmer desires, crop maturation occasions and costs, and unlockable hats. Keep in mind to have enjoyable with the sport and do not let the delicate stress of farming life get to you!

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