Soup In A Jar Recipes

soup in a jar recipes
soup in a jar recipes

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen? Look no further! These Mason Jar Soups are the ultimate solution for lazy and easy meal prep during the winter season. Not only are they comforting and satisfying, but they also require minimal effort and no actual cooking. Plus, they are perfectly balanced with protein, fiber, and nutrients, making them a nutritious and delicious option for any occasion.

vegan mason jar soups

Mason Jar Soups

Do you despise meal prepping as much as I do? Well, these mason jar soups will change your perspective. They are incredibly simple to assemble, cozy, flavorful, and well-balanced. Creating these mason jar soups will only take you about 15-20 minutes of your time. All you need to do is slice your favorite vegetables, dice tofu or add your preferred protein, and layer everything into a few mason jars.

As a dietitian, I strive to create recipes that are already balanced and nutritious, saving you time and effort. This mason jar soup recipe ticks all the boxes with its protein-rich ingredients, abundant veggies, and carbohydrates. It’s the perfect formula to keep you energized, satisfied, and nourished throughout your workday. Moreover, this recipe allows for personalization to suit your taste. Check out the tips below for more creative ideas!

mason jar soups for meal prep

Ingredients and Substitute Ideas:

  • Rice noodles: These noodles cook quickly and offer a delightful texture. They are also gluten-free. If you need a substitute, choose any instant noodles that can cook in boiling hot water within 5-7 minutes.

  • Bouillon or Miso Paste: For a rich flavor base, I typically use Better than Bouillon vegetable paste or a good vegan miso paste. You can also opt for bouillon powder or your favorite soup base.

  • Vegetables: Feel free to use your preferred vegetables. I highly recommend shiitake mushrooms, shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, corn kernels, and bell peppers.

  • Protein: I personally love adding diced tofu cubes marinated in soy sauce, sriracha, and toasted sesame oil. However, you can also use edamame beans, seitan, vegan chicken, or any protein of your choice!

marinaded tofu

Tips and Tricks for the Best Mason Jar Soups

  • Choose mason jars with wide openings at the top for easier eating.

  • Enhance the flavor with additional ingredients such as grated ginger, chili paste, chili powder, brown sugar, or lime juice.

  • Create a grocery list beforehand to ensure you have all your favorite ingredients.

  • Store the mason jar soups in the fridge for a maximum of 5 days.

  • After adding hot water, make sure to thoroughly soak the mason jar. To prevent burning yourself, use oven mitts or kitchen towels while shaking.

More Easy Soup Recipes:

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Q: Can I use glass jars other than mason jars for these soups?

Yes, absolutely! You can use any glass jar with a wide opening that’s suitable for holding hot liquids.

Q: How long should I soak the mason jar after adding hot water?

It’s recommended to soak the mason jar for a few minutes to ensure the ingredients are fully cooked and flavors are well combined.

Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of these Mason Jar Soups without the hassle of traditional meal prep. Simplify your winter lunch routine and indulge in the flavors of these ready-to-eat delights. Happy cooking and stay nourished!

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