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The Ghost of the Unhealthy Humor Man initially aired on December 11, 1976 and is the fifteenth episode of the Scooby Doo Present.

Right here, the gang encounter 3 technicolour ghosts on the Completely happy Humor Ice Cream Manufacturing facility which Shaggy lovingly nicknames the Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate ghosts.

This is likely one of the most requested episodes for me to evaluate, so I’m pleased to lastly evaluate it.

As for trivia, that is the primary time we See Shaggy driving the Thriller Machine, and naturally he crashes it. We additionally later see Shaggy drive the Thriller Machine within the Beast Is Awake in Bottomless Lake the place he crashes it as properly.

The technicolour ghosts are modified variations of the Phantom Shadows from A Night time of Fright is No Delight. The police officer from this episode can also be an identical to the Sheriff from a Night time of Fright is No Delight

Lastly, when Mr. Grizzly the evening watchman of the episode asks the gang if they should name their mother and father, they declare to be out of their hometown.

Anyway, sufficient of my jibber jabber, let’s get one with the evaluate.

The Ghost of the Unhealthy Humor Man – Episode Evaluate

The episode begins with Shaggy driving the Thriller Machine by means of town throughout a lightning storm. Whereas avoiding a black cat crossing the highway, Shaggy crashes the Thriller Machine into the loading dock of an ice cream manufacturing unit.

Shaggy Driving the Mystery Machine

crashed mystery Machine

From a window above, a ghost appears to be like down upon them.

The Phantom Watches

All 4 tires are blown on the Thriller Machine and there’s an odd quantity of ice cream bars piled on to the highway. Shaggy then realizes the slippery gobsickles will need to have induced him to slip into the manufacturing unit constructing as he was solely going 10 miles an hour on the time.

Frozen Ice Cream in the Streets

Happy Humor Ice Cream Co

Freddy and the women go into the constructing to ask to make use of their telephone, whereas Shaggy and Scooby keep again to eat the ice cream. On the Thriller Machine’s radio, Shaggy hears a information report that 2 million {dollars} in money have been robbed from an armoured automotive that has disappeared..

Shaggy and Scooby stroll into the ice cream manufacturing unit and claims he smells bacon and never ice cream. Following Scooby’s nostril, they arrive to a room with a sizzling plate the place bacon and eggs are scorching.

Right here they meet the evening safety guard named Mr. Grizzley who’s a bit aloof, deaf and blind. The constructing proprietor errors them as manufacturing unit employees.

Mr. Grizzley
Mr. Grizzley – Far Proper

Taking a journey on a golf cart the evening safety guard explains that everybody has stop because of the technicolour phantoms haunting the constructing which might be purple, white and brown. Shaggy then nicknames them the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate phantoms.

Velma picks up the telephone to name for auto service, however as a substitute she hears a message that claims “You Are Doomed If You Do Not Depart these Grounds”

The Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla Phantoms then present up and provides the gang a chase. Shaggy and the gang then run into the constructing proprietor who has a forged on his proper foot. The proprietor says his silent alarm had gone off so he got here to research.

Avery Queen
Avery Queen and the Scooby Gang

Introducing himself as Avery Queen, the proprietor claims the Technicolour phantoms are ruining his enterprise. The freezers had been so overrun that the employees had been dumping the ice cream within the streets and that’s how he broke his leg, when he stopped to scrub up the mess.

Within the ice cream storage room, Shaggy takes a chew out of an ice cream bar that’s far too frozen. In the meantime, the women consolation Mr. Queen. After they go away to search for Scooby and Shaggy, Avery Queen walks away in a suspicious method as he isn’t utilizing his crutches.

In an underground storage, Velma, Daphne and Freddy spot dozens of unused Ice Cream Supply vans. A big crack within the floor has additionally shaped by the load of one of many ice cream vans. Sadly, it’s locked, to allow them to’t examine additional. The Strawberry Phantom the reveals up and takes chase the place they find yourself locked within the ice cream freezer with Scooby and Shaggy.

ice cream trucks

Angry Strawberry Phantom

Whereas within the ice cream freezer, Shaggy has discovered a fur coat that makes him appear like a phantom which causes some amusing hijinks that leads him again outdoors the freezer the place a small chase happens.

Shaggy in a robe with strawberry and chocolate phantom

Shaggy finally returns to the freezer to rescue Scooby and the gang.

The ghosts reappear and extra chases happen. Freddy units a lure utilizing strawberry syrup, however as a substitute catches Shaggy in his fur coat.

The gang then uncover that Mr. Queen is lacking with out his crutches. Velma sees him operating off out of the nook of her eye and may be very suspicious. The gang additionally discover buckets of white paint the place they keep in mind the vans had been all painted white.

In the meantime Shaggy and Scooby have their very own issues as they’re caught in a room with a leaky milk tank.

Returning to the storage, Velma finds out that the identical truck that cracked the ground is freshly painted and constructed out of strong metal.

ice cream ghosts painting armored car

Freddy and girls cornered by technicolor phantoms

Our trio of ghosts then seem and make for one more chase the place they nook Freddy, Daphne and Velma. Thankfully Shaggy and Scooby’s leaky milk tank causes a waterfall of milk that knocks the ghosts down.

The three ghosts then hop into one of many Ice Cream vans and attempt to drive off. Freddy stops them by shutting the storage door which they then crash into. Contained in the again of the truck we see a great deal of money fall out. Utilizing two different vans, the gang lure the trio by facet blocking their car doorways.

Trapped Phantoms

Unmasking the villains it’s revealed to be Mr. Grizzly and two random accomplices. The police officer reveals that Mr. Grizzly is actually Sammy the Shrimp, probably the most intelligent highjacker within the nation.

Sammy the Shrimp
Sammy the Shrimp because the Vanilla Phantom

Mr. Queen then reveals up and Shaggy accuses him of being in on all the pieces and sporting a faux forged. Mr. Queen voluntarily breaks his forged and inside there are wads of money. Mr. Queen states that it’s his personal cash that he was hiding with the phantoms floating round.

Sammy the Shrimp’s Henchmen

Sammy the Shrimp had hijacked the armoured automotive then haunted the storage to scare everybody away the place they might park the truck and disguise it till the warmth was off.

My Ideas

I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10

I simply love the look of the technicolour phantoms and whereas they’re a little bit of a rip-off of the phantom shadows, who cares? They appear nice! I solely want we acquired to spend extra time with them as plenty of this episode is devoted to gags.

This episode isn’t notably spooky, nonetheless, it’s plenty of enjoyable. The ice cream manufacturing unit made for a novel set piece, and I liked how we noticed varied rooms such because the freezer, storage, and different areas.

There are plenty of gags on this one, however they aren’t excessive foolish, they usually work with the surroundings. I notably loved how Shaggy was sporting a fur coat on this one and acquired to work together with the maniacal ghosts at one level.

The thriller was additionally attention-grabbing they usually did a terrific job of getting arrange Mr. Queen, however for it to develop into Mr. Grizzley. I additionally loved the befuddled Mr. Grizzly and located him plenty of enjoyable in the beginning in how he mistook Velma for a younger boy and Scooby as a girl.

I took off a half star as I want the spooky issue was cranked up a notch, however in any other case, it is a incredible episode.

Anyway, be part of me subsequent week once I will likely be masking the Spirts of ‘76. After that all my reviews for Season One of the Scooby-Doo Show will be complete and I’ll do by rating episode.

Till then, Keep Spooky!


Don Messick: Scooby-Doo Casey Kasem: Shaggy Rogers, Police Officer Frank Welker: Freddy Jones, Radio Reporter Heather North: Daphne Blake Pat Stevens: Velma Dinkley John Stephenson: Sammy the Shrimp, Mr. Grizzley, Avery Queen, Vanilla Phantom, Chocolate Phantom, Strawberry Phantom

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