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Die at a PVM problem once more? Losing part of your revenue on costly meals? Study which meals In Oldschool Runescape to make use of for cash and effectivity.

In case you click on that little cooking pot in your abilities tab on Oldschool Runescape, you’ll be confronted with all the totally different choices for meals inside the recreation. There’s fish, muffins, greens, alcohols, and even gnomish baked items… and that’s not even half of them. So how are you aware which meals are the perfect? Nicely, the reply is that it’s totally different for everybody.

Perhaps you’re a brand new participant that should get previous the dreaded wizards exterior the doorway of Varrock, however each time you end up in Lumbridge. Perhaps you’re a skiller working in the direction of the firemaking skillcape at Wintertodt. Or possibly you’re a PVMer attempting to find all of the boss pets you will get your palms on. Primarily based in your present degree, your quantity of gold to spend, or the circumstance that you simply want the meals for, there are lots of totally different choices to select from.

Do not forget that with any meals, it’s extra environment friendly to purchase it from the Grand Alternate than to make it your self, however in the event you’re an ironman or quick on money, I may also let you know the way to make every of those meals. So buckle down. Right here is my record of the perfect meals in Oldschool Runescape.

10. Anchovy pizza

Osrs best food for price

Whereas everybody was discussing if pineapples needs to be on pizza, somebody determined so as to add anchovies to pizza.

Who doesn’t love a great pizza? In case you don’t, there’s one thing flawed with you. Not the pizza. Luckily for F2P gamers, anchovy pizzas have the very best doable therapeutic in F2P. Making pizza in Oldschool takes numerous steps, which makes it tougher than merely cooking a fish. However don’t let that deter you. The advantages of anchovy pizza go up some other non-members meals.

Anchovy pizzas heal 18 hitpoints (nearly as a lot as a shark) per stock slot, though they should be eaten in 2 bites (9 hp every chunk). This implies you can restore your hitpoints quicker with swordfish, however over time, extra with anchovy pizza. Usually, this makes pizzas the superior alternative. You will see prolonged journeys and, in flip, extra expertise from this.

The facility of pizza would not cease there. Anchovy pizza can also be the perfect F2P combo-food. Usually, you possibly can eat meals or drink a potion each 3 recreation ticks. Combo-eating is restricted meals that may be eaten the identical recreation tick as one other meals. You may pair a chunk of anchovy pizza with a swordfish and eat each in the identical recreation tick, which is able to heal 23 hp. This provides the quickest therapeutic for F2P gamers. Notice: Combo-eating can solely be performed with the primary chunk of pizza, not the second.


  • Heals 18 hp
  • Can combo-eat with the primary chunk of pizza

Easy methods to get it:

  • F2P choice: Combine a pot of flour with a bucket of water to make a pizza base (35 cooking)
  • Add tomato then cheese
  • Cook dinner the pizza
  • Add cooked anchovies to it (55 cooking)
  • You cease burning plain pizzas at 68 cooking
  • P2P choice: Purchase plain pizzas from warriors guild (47gp) and financial institution close by, then add cooked anchovies to it

9. Jug of wine

Osrs best food for price

Haven’t got an excessive amount of enjoyable. Jugs of wine are an excellent choice, however I am unable to assist with the hangover they might trigger.

In case you’d take into account your self a celebration animal, jugs of wine are an choice to contemplate. As among the best choices for hp gained per gp spent, in addition they make you an inexpensive date. They’re constantly underneath 5gp on account of the truth that making them is likely one of the quickest strategies to coach cooking within the recreation, making a surplus. Wines heal 11 hp. So they’re excellent for these with low hitpoints, equivalent to a skiller who wants a great therapeutic methodology, or a primary attempting to save cash.

Sadly, they do have a draw back. Not solely is an excessive amount of consuming unhealthy on your liver, however it’s additionally unhealthy on your assault degree. Consuming a jug of wine quickly lowers your assault, making them not viable to make use of whereas coaching melee. That doesn’t make them ineffective although. Utilizing wines is nice whereas coaching vary or magic as a result of these abilities is not going to be affected by the stat drain.

Another choice for wines is any skilling strategies that causes you to lose well being. Use them when thieving or to counter the autumn harm whereas coaching agility. The commonest location they’re used is the Wintertodt boss. Your fight stats don’t matter when skilling, which makes them the most affordable choice with none unfavourable unintended effects.


  • Heals 11 hp
  • Value 4gp on Grand Alternate

Easy methods to get it:

  • Purchase jugs of water and grapes (you will get them low-cost from the Culimancer’s chest)
  • Add the grapes to the jug and financial institution (35 cooking)
  • Repeat course of whereas jugs ferment in your financial institution

8. Purple Sweets

Osrs best food for price

Colourful and candy! These will feed your sugar craving whereas providing you with well being and vitality (simply do not inform your dentist).

Perhaps you’ll take into account your self to be considerably of a candy tooth. Fortunately, Oldschool has sweet. Though you possibly can munch on these candies all day in the event you’d like, purple sweets are actually solely utilized in particular conditions. Typically, low protection gamers use them to assist when making an attempt to get a hearth cape. The reason is? They stack. This creates a possible limitless therapeutic provide per stock spot. Which means that those that are battling a firecape can safespot behind a rock and can be capable to heal up as a lot as they should.

What else does sweet do? It makes you hyper. That’s why purple sweets additionally restore 10% of your run vitality every chunk. That is another excuse folks use them when making an attempt the struggle caves. It permits gamers to all the time have excessive run vitality they usually can kite out and safespot the melee monsters simpler.

This may occasionally sound too good to be true, however purple sweets, identical to sweet, even have their drawbacks. They solely heal 1-3 hp when eaten and might solely be eaten each 3 recreation ticks. If you’re combating one thing that can be hitting you with constant harm, you’ll be consuming so typically you’ll by no means get any assaults off. And at over 2000 a pop, you’ll in a short time rack up bills in the event you use these casually. That is why they aren’t a typical choice for meals.


  • Heal 1-3 hitpoints
  • They’re stackable, creating a possible limitless therapeutic provide in a single stock spot
  • Restore 10% run vitality

Easy methods to get it:

  • Can solely be obtained from clue scrolls

7. Monkfish

Osrs best food for price

These could look terrifying, however when you prepare dinner them up they can not damage you anymore. In actual fact, they just do the alternative.

Gloomy ambiance, an enormous tentacle monster, and large fish with razor-sharp tooth? That’s the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. That is the place you possibly can catch monkfish in the event you’re courageous sufficient to finish the Swan Music quest. These evil wanting creatures are nice for mid-level gamers or these attempting to save lots of a bit of cash. Since they’re a quite common methodology for these going for 99 fishing, their provide is fixed and their value is constant.

They make a good selection because of the value they price in comparison with the quantity they heal. Whereas therapeutic a flat 16, which is barely 4 lower than sharks, they’re just a bit over half the worth of sharks. They discover a stability between excessive therapeutic meals (greater than lobsters), whereas nonetheless being an inexpensive various to the extra expensive choices.


  • Heal 16 hp
  • Value underneath 500gp on Grand Alternate

Easy methods to get it:

  • Should full Swan Music (100 Quest factors, 66 magic, 62 cooking, 62 fishing, 45 smithing, 42 firemaking, 40 crafting)
  • Fish the monkfish at Piscatoris Fishing Colony (62 fishing) and prepare dinner them (62 cooking)
  • At Hosidius home vary with cooking gauntlets, you cease burning monkfish at 82 cooking

6. Basket of strawberries

Osrs best food for price

Perhaps you’ll take into account your self a gardener, not a fisher. Strawberries are a candy deal with.

Perhaps as an alternative of consuming sweet, you’d relatively decide out for nature’s sweet. A hearty fruit to remain wholesome. Baskets of strawberries have gotten you lined, and are one of many extra attention-grabbing meals within the recreation. It holds the place as the very best hitpoints gained per stock slot whereas nonetheless being cost-effective, in contrast to purple sweets. Though, like purple sweets, it takes numerous clicks to heal up a big quantity. Every basket holds 5 strawberries and it’s important to eat every one individually to realize the complete therapeutic impact.

These are thought-about a great choice as a result of they will heal huge quantities, but are a fraction of the price of a few of the higher meals choices. A basket of strawberries has the potential to heal 30 hp, but 5 strawberries price round 700gp. Which means that it heals 10 extra life than sharks whereas costing across the identical value. They heal 8 greater than tuna potatoes whereas costing a lot much less.

An essential notice is that strawberries heal extra primarily based in your hitpoints degree. They solely heal 6 every if you end up degree 84 hitpoints or above. They’re nonetheless cost-effective from degree 67-83 hitpoints, therapeutic 5 as an alternative of 6 for a complete of 25 hp (nonetheless greater than sharks and tuna potatoes). You probably have a decrease hitpoints degree than that, you’re higher off getting a unique kind of meals.


  • Heal 1-6 hp every
  • Heal a possible of 30 per stock slot
  • Highest therapeutic meals per slot (aside from purple sweets)

Easy methods to get it:

  • Get hold of strawberries from farming them or stealing from fruit stalls (31 farming or 25 thieving)
  • Purchase baskets from a farming store
  • Inventory every basket with 5 strawberries

5. Cooked Karambwan

Osrs best food for price

These spikey little guys could look inedble, however that’s not the case.

You understand these fancy meals with the names you possibly can’t pronounce they usually look inedible? A karambwan is type of like that. Gathered from the unique lands of Karamja and imported to your native Grand Alternate, they’re the very best therapeutic of the combo meals. This makes them fairly helpful in PVM and PVP battles.. Like pizzas, they are often eaten in the identical recreation tick as one other meals, permitting you to heal the max quantity within the shortest period of time. Not like anchovy pizzas, therapeutic 9 per chunk, karambwans heal 18. Paired with a tuna potato, darkish crab, or anglerfish, this offers the potential of therapeutic 40 hp in 1 recreation tick.

The explanation that is so essential is every recreation tick that’s used consuming is one much less assault you can get off. This turns into essential for bossing and rushing up your kill charges. The extra time you possibly can spend attacking as an alternative of consuming is much less time that you’ll be taking harm from the NPC you’re combating, leading to longer journeys and financial savings in provides.


  • Heal 18 hp
  • Used to combo-eat

Easy methods to get it:

Will need to have accomplished Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (15 agility, 30 cooking, 5 fishing, 34 herblore)

  • Choice 1: Purchase uncooked karambwan from Tiadeche’s Karambwan Stall (110-146gp every)
  • Cook dinner the uncooked karambwan (30 cooking)
  • Choice 2: Catch karabwanji bait with a small fishing web (close by fairy ring code CKR)
  • Use a karambwan vessel and the karabwanji bait to catch uncooked karambawn (close by fairy ring code DKP) and prepare dinner it (65 cooking)
  • At Hosidius home vary with cooking gauntlets, you cease burning karambwans at 93 cooking

4. Shark

Osrs best food for price

These are an excellent meals for the worth! Put that on shark week.

If you would like a meals that will eat you in the event you didn’t eat it first than sharks are a great choice. They heal a flat 20 and are principally an upgraded monkfish, making them probably the most widespread choices within the recreation. Fishing them could be simply AFKed or there’s a extra intensive methodology to fish them, leading to extra sharks per hour. Each of those choices collectively trigger sharks to be a steady value and in fixed provide.

They’re among the best meals within the recreation for the worth they price, which makes them good for informal coaching and lots of PVM circumstances. Many meals heal 22 hp, but they price practically double the worth for less than 2 extra life per stock slot. This makes sharks a great stability between hitpoints and value.


  • Heal 20 hp
  • Value underneath 800gp on the Grand Alternate

Easy methods to get it:

  • Choice 1: Fish sharks (76 fishing) at fishing guild and prepare dinner (80 cooking)
  • Choice 2: Go to Kylie Minnow’s platform from the fishing guild (requires angler outfit)
  • Catch minnows (82 fishing)
  • Alternate minnows for sharks and prepare dinner (80 cooking)
  • At Hosidius home vary with cooking gauntlets, you cease burning sharks at 89 cooking

3. Tuna potato

Osrs best food for price

Cowl your meals bases: veggies, meat, and dairy multi functional.

You would possibly anticipate this one to be flaked tuna combined right into a buttery potato. Completely delectable! However in Runescape, that is simply a complete tuna on high of a complete potato (sounds troublesome to eat). However it’s nonetheless an excellent choice for meals. Tuna potatoes are the primary of the three meals that heal 22 hp every. That is the very best quantity of well being you possibly can achieve from one single meals, with no need to click on a number of occasions. This makes them most popular over baskets of strawberries at most high-level content material.

As a result of huge quantity of therapeutic they supply, they make sure the longevity of your journey. You don’t have to fret about clicking repeatedly on small meals that heal little bits at a time and take extra harm when you waste extra time consuming. These are nice to combo with karambwans.


  • Heal 22 hp
  • Value lower than 1200gp

Easy methods to get it:

  • Develop potatoes and corn after which prepare dinner them each (20 farming)
  • Add butter to potatoes (could be purchased from Culimancer’s chest)
  • Add corn and tuna (68 cooking)
  • You want 53 cooking to not burn potatoes or candy corn

2. Darkish crab

Osrs best food for price

Crab legs are a delicacy in actual life and in Runescape.

Deep inside the darkish depths of the wilderness lies an alternative choice for prime therapeutic meals. Darkish crabs could be fished inside the Wilderness Useful resource Space, making them a dangerous, however positively worthwhile, catch. Darkish crabs heal 22 hp, which makes them among the best choices for bossing and slayer. However why spend that additional gold on them when you could possibly simply persist with tuna potatoes? The reply: they weigh solely .3kg as an alternative of .5 like tuna potatoes. This looks as if a minuscule distinction, however it has its makes use of.

The explanation that is useful is to save lots of on run vitality whereas combating. Your Bandos armor is unquestionably price each gp you spent on it, however it certain does weigh loads. And that’s not even counting the Armadyl swap you introduced. There isn’t a room for weight-reducing gear when you’ll want to make every stock slot depend, and that’s the place darkish crabs are available in. They’re helpful for any boss that includes kiting or dodging.


  • Heal 22 hp
  • Solely weigh .3kg every, in comparison with .5kg like tuna potatoes

Easy methods to get it:

  • Watch out when catching darkish crabs as a result of they’re positioned within the wilderness
  • Collect darkish fishing bait from killing varied monsters within the wilderness
  • Fish darkish crabs with a lobster pot (85 fishing) and prepare dinner them (90 cooking)
  • You cease burning darkish crabs whereas carrying a cooking cape

1. Anglerfish

Osrs best food for price

Do not let the spikes and tooth scare you. These are a tremendous meals choice.

This can be a fish that you simply wouldn’t need to be caught in the course of the ocean with. Riddled with spikes and edges, the anglerfish is taken into account the perfect meals within the recreation. Not solely does it heal 22 hp, however they will overheal. Which means that in case your hitpoints degree is 99 and also you eat an anglerfish your well being will quickly be boosted to 121. That’s the most degree that your hitpoints could be, making it helpful in conditions the place you could possibly probably be one shot. Pairing these with a mixture of Saradomin brews and tremendous restores is the perfect strategies for many high-tier fight.

One thing to notice is, identical to strawberries, anglerfish heal you primarily based in your base hitpoints degree. At degree 10-19 hitpoints an anglerfish will solely heal 3, making it not cost-effective at decrease ranges. You don’t obtain the total 22 factors of therapeutic till you’re 92 hitpoints or larger. It is suggested to make use of tuna potatoes or darkish crabs till you attain degree 92 hitpoints.


  • Heals 3-22 hp
  • Can overheal, giving a possible hitpoints increase of 121

Easy methods to get it:

  • Get hold of 100% Piscarilius favor
  • Use a spade and bucket to collect sandworms from the Piscarilius shores or purchase them from Tynan’s fishing provides
  • Deliver a fishing rod and sandworms
  • Fish (82 fishing) and prepare dinner anglerfish (84 cooking)
  • At Hosidius home vary with cooking gauntlets, you cease burning anglerfish at 93 cooking

As you possibly can see, the choices for meals are quite a few and the explanations to make use of them are quite a few too. They vary from low therapeutic to excessive therapeutic. Low cost as filth (and even cheaper, since compost prices over 20gp) to costly. Click on intensive or single click on. Hold falling at that dreadful agility course? There’s a meals for that. Hold getting one shot at Jad? There’s a meals for that. Hold dying towards noobs whenever you PK? There’s a meals for that. Take note of your stats and your state of affairs and decide what most closely fits your state of affairs.

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