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On this article, I am sharing with you the variations between Thai and Laos papaya salad. When you have ever tried both of those deliciously mild salads, you are most likely questioning: Thai versus Lao papaya salad, what’s the actual distinction?

Thai papaya salad, known as som tom, makes use of primarily fish sauce because the flavoring condiment and is mostly topped with crushed roasted peanut. Laos papaya salad, known as tham mak hoong, makes use of fermented crab dip (nam pu) and padaek as flavoring condiments. The core distinction between Thai inexperienced papaya salad and Laos inexperienced papaya salad is the liquid element of the recipe together with the topping.

The traditional inexperienced papaya salad is beloved all through southeast Asia in numerous varieties, however the two hottest are the Thai and Lao fashion papaya salad.

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Difference between green papaya salad Thai and Laos

What components do Thai and Lao papaya salad have in widespread?

The widespread components between each salads are cherry tomatoes, lime juice, sugar, unripened inexperienced papaya, and Thai birds eye chiles.

Thai Inexperienced Papaya Salad

Outdoors of the widespread components shared with the Laos fashion papaya salad, Thai variations typically embrace fish sauce and consists of dry shrimp jerky. It’s typically topped with roasted peanuts.

thai green papaya salad

What does som tum imply?

Thai inexperienced papaya salad is known as som tum. Som means bitter and tum refers back to the pounding sounds from the mortar and pestle that’s used to combine up the components.

With western translations, you could discover this dish listed as: som tum, som tam, sum tam, somtum, tam som.

Laos Inexperienced Papaya Salad

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Laos papaya salad shares among the foremost components of its Thai counterpart, makes use of fermented crap dip (nam pu) and fermented fish sauce (padaek).

lao green papaya salad

What does tham mak hoong imply?

Laos fashion inexperienced papaya salad is called tham mak hoong. Tham means crush and mak hoong references the inexperienced papaya.

Once more, with western translations, you could discover this dish in eating places listed as: tham mak hoong, tam mak hung, tam mak hoong, thum mak huong, tum mak hoong and just about any variation of any of these phrases.


There may be additionally a Vietnamese model of papaya salad. The distinction there’s that they add shrimp and meat into the salad.

Particularly, there are different variations of the inexperienced papaya salad that you could be discover in restaurant menus.

Lao and Thai languages are similar to one another and in addition share widespread phrases between each other. Typically, you will discover Laos and Thai restaurant menus combined collectively. There are some Thai eating places which are owned by Lao folks, which frequently will symbolize among the menu objects in a combined Lao and Thai translation.

Different Variations of Inexperienced Papaya Salad

  • Som Tam – That is the gentle model of inexperienced papaya salad the place the dressing is good and bitter. Som Tam Boo Pla Ra – That is the Lao model that makes use of fermented fish sauce and crab within the recipe. That is often known as tham mak hoong.
  • Tam Ba – This interprets to “jungle” which signifies that the salad consists of a wide range of components which incorporates freshwater snails.
  • Tam Sua – This model consists of fermented fish sauce in addition to rice noodles.

The place did inexperienced papaya salad originate from?

Inexperienced papaya salad originated from Laos. Between the Nineteen Seventies and early Nineties, there have been over 200,000 Lao refugees that made their approach into Thailand because of the Vietnam Conflict.

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As each cultures melded collectively, this particular dish was tailored by the Thai. The center class in Bangkok tailored the recipe to take away what was deemed as “low class” components like fermented fish sauces and pastes. As an alternative of utilizing padaek and nam pu, a substitute of fish sauce was used in addition to making the dish barely sweeter. This lowered the overwhelming flavors of padaek and nam pu, which made it extra common for those who had not but acquired the Lao palette.

This Bangkok variation was then launched to the world and added on a world scale by being added on a global menu of issues to strive whereas in Thailand.

What’s inexperienced papaya salad served with?

Each Thai and Lao inexperienced papaya salad is served accompanied with sticky rice referred to as khao niew, lengthy inexperienced beans, egg vegetation, and cabbage.

The place can I discover greatest recipes for Thai and Lao papaya salad?

Which inexperienced papaya salad is healthier: Thai or Lao fashion?

It is a very robust query. As somebody who’s of Vietnamese descent, however born and raised on Laos, left to Thailand as a refugee, I can attest to you that every one of those variations are completely scrumptious.

When you have not acquired the Lao palette to understand the umami of fermented fish sauce and shrimp paste, I might suggest the Thai fashion inexperienced papaya salad.

If you would like a bursting of taste and the mixture of candy, bitter, bitterness and saltiness, Lao fashion positively has extra depth of taste that you just will not discover within the Thai fashion.

what taste better lao or thai papaya salad

green papaya salad thai and lao

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