The Hilarious John Cena Bing Chilling Meme: A Mandarin Translation Gone Wild

Video john cena ice cream translation

What happens when an American wrestling superstar tries his hand at speaking Mandarin? The result is the John Cena Bing Chilling meme, the latest craze taking TikTok by storm. This article will delve into the origins of this internet sensation, provide a translation of the script, and showcase the original video.

The Birth of the John Cena Bing Chilling Meme

John Cena, known for his wrestling career, acting chops, and even rapping skills, posted a video on Sina Weibo to promote Fast and Furious 9. For those unfamiliar, Sina Weibo is China’s equivalent of Instagram and Twitter, boasting over 300 million active users monthly.

On TikTok, a user named @speakyb1inders shared the original video of John Cena uttering the now-famous phrase “Bing Chilling.” This video quickly gained traction, amassing over 2.6 million views and over 1,400 comments.

Decoding the “Bing Chilling” Phenomenon

But what exactly does “Bing Chilling” mean? Well, it’s Mandarin for “Ice Cream.” However, the proper Hanyu Pinyin for the phrase is “Bīng Qí Lín” (冰淇淋). With its catchy and playful pronunciation, the video soon transformed into a meme, inspiring countless remixes on YouTube.

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Some creative YouTubers took it a step further by altering the subtitles to depict John Cena in perilous situations, injecting humor into the already hilarious video. On TikTok, users joined in on the fun, attempting to imitate John Cena’s Mandarin skills, often with comically poor results.

Unlocking the “Bing Chilling” Script

To aid aspiring “Bing Chilling” speakers, TikTok user @chineseteacherbridge shared a video tutorial on how to properly pronounce the script. This instructional video garnered over 1.1 million views and more than 300 comments.

The key difference between native and non-native Chinese speakers lies in their intonation. Native speakers effortlessly flow with the tones specific to each word, while non-native speakers often adopt a flat tone.

For those curious about the script itself, here it is:

Chinese script:
“早上好, 中国 现在我有冰淇淋 我很喜欢冰淇淋 但是 《速度与激情9》 比冰淇淋 《速度与激-》 《速度与激情9》 我最喜欢 所以现在是 音乐时间 准备 一 二 三 两个礼拜以后 《速度与激情9》 两个礼拜以后 《速度与激情9》 两个礼拜以后 《速度与激情9》 不要忘记 不要错过 去电影院 看《速度与激情9》 因为非常好电影 动作非常好 差不多一样“冰激淋” 再见”

Chinese Hanyu Pinyin:
“zǎo shang hǎo zhōng guó xiàn zài wǒ yǒu bīng qí lín wǒ hěn xǐ huān bīng qí lín dàn shì 《 sù dù yǔ jī qíng jiǔ》 bǐ bīng qí lín 《 sù dù yǔ jī -》 《 sù dù yǔ jī qíng jiǔ》 wǒ zuì xǐ huān suǒ yǐ xiàn zài shì yīn lè shí jiān zhǔn bèi yī èr sān liǎng gè lǐ bài yǐ hòu 《 sù dù yǔ jī qíng jiǔ》 liǎng gè lǐ bài yǐ hòu 《 sù dù yǔ jī qíng jiǔ》 liǎng gè lǐ bài yǐ hòu 《 sù dù yǔ jī qíng jiǔ》 bù yào wàng jì bù yào cuò guò qù diàn yǐng yuàn kàn 《 sù dù yǔ jī qíng jiǔ》 yīn wéi fēi cháng hǎo diàn yǐng dòng zuò fēi cháng hǎo chà bù duō yī yàng “ bīng jī lín ” zài jiàn”

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If you’d like to have a shot at it, here’s an easier version for you:

“Zao shang hao, zhong guo. Xian zai, wo you bing qi lin. Wo hen xi huan bing qi lin”.

To ensure you catch all the nuances of the translation, here it is in English:

“Good morning, China. Now, I have ice cream. I really like ice cream. But, The Fast and Furious 9, compared to ice cream, I like Fast and Furious 9 the most. So now, is music time. Ready? 1, 2, 3. After two weeks, The Fast and Furious 9, after two weeks, The Fast and Furious 9, after two weeks, The Fast and Furious 9. Don’t forget, don’t miss it, go to the cinema and watch The Fast and Furious 9. It’s a great movie. The actions are great like ice cream. Goodbye”.


The John Cena Bing Chilling meme is a prime example of how the internet can turn a simple phrase into a viral sensation. With its humorous origins on TikTok and its subsequent remixes on YouTube, this meme has become a source of entertainment for millions worldwide.

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So, grab some “Bing Chilling” and enjoy the laughter it brings! And if you’re craving more exciting content, head over to Takeout Food for a delightful variety of articles and recommendations. Stay tuned for more internet crazes and cultural discoveries!

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