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Have you ever ever heard somebody say that it is best to reside within the second?

Being current is a distant thought for a few of us as a result of we’re continuously engaged with tasks, obligations, and concepts. With such busy lives, who actually has the time to expertise the right here and now?

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Fortunately, the Ice Cream Cake pressure exists — and it’s right here to snap you again to actuality with mouth-watering flavors, body-numbing leisure, and pure existential bliss.

Whether or not you’re a medical marijuana affected person or a leisure fanatic, the indica-dominant Ice Cream Cake pressure is loaded with THC, yield potential, and a wide range of terpenes that’ll drive your style buds via the roof.

Beneath, you’ll uncover an in-depth evaluate of Ice Cream Cake. Quickly, you’ll know every thing there may be to know in regards to the Ice Cream Cake hashish pressure, resembling important develop ideas, notable traits, and the place to seek out real packs of Ice Cream Cake seeds on the market on-line.

In regards to the Ice Cream Cake Pressure


Now, let’s discuss in regards to the background of the Ice Cream Cake pressure.

First, we’d like to say that Ice Cream Cake isn’t interchangeable with the Gelato Cake pressure. Though they’re typically composed of the identical genetics — they’re from completely different breeders.

With out additional ado — let’s speak about how Ice Cream Cake got here to be and the way it grew to become an immediate hit amongst hashish lovers and medical marijuana sufferers throughout the globe.

Ice Cream Cake seeds had been bred by the legendary hashish group Seed Junky Genetics. Identified for his or her high-flying creations, Ice Cream Cake was immediately thought to be essential for anybody that prizes connoisseur-grade weed.

Nevertheless, what’s inside Ice Cream Cake seeds?

The lineage of Ice Cream Cake is none aside from Gelato #33 and Marriage ceremony Cake. As soon as Seed Junky Genetics bred these two famed strains — a deliciously potent legend was born.

Presently, there may be one other pressure in the marketplace known as Gelato Cake bred by TH Seeds, and lots of hashish websites declare that the genetics are the identical as Seed Junky Genetics’ Ice Cream Cake pressure.

Nevertheless, after taking a deeper look, we discovered that there’s one important distinction — the Gelato Cake pressure from TH Seeds incorporates Gelato #33, Marriage ceremony Cake, and Strawbanana Cream!

Subsequently, if you’d like pure Ice Cream Cake — it’s essential to discover verified Feminized Ice Cream Cake seeds to expertise the unique flavors of this timeless providing.

Rising Feminized Ice Cream Cake Seeds

Simply as its identify implies, Feminized Ice Cream Cake seeds are low-stress and intensely pleasurable to develop.

Not like different dessert hashish strains, ICC seeds flourish into attractive marijuana crops that’ll take your breath away. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that you simply don’t must put in any leg work to reap trichome-packed Ice Cream Cake weed.

From Ice Cream Cake’s flowering time to yield potential and far more, you’ll discover every thing it’s essential to learn about rising Feminized Ice Cream Cake seeds at residence beneath.

Develop Issue

The Ice Cream Cake pressure is a simple selection to develop.

Imagine us after we say that weed that appears this good is generally difficult to develop. Fortunately, Feminized Ice Cream Cake was bred to supply growers of all ability ranges an opportunity at producing top-shelf weed at residence.

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In any case, you will need to present a regulated nutrient and irrigation schedule to make sure a record-busting harvest. If you happen to’re ever doubtful — head over to our Develop Bible for the solutions you search.

Optimum Rising Situations and Local weather

Seed Junky Genetics bred Ice Cream Cake seeds in California — so it’s secure to say that the indica-dominant magnificence prefers vibrant sunshine, low-ish humidity, and heat climate.

Whether or not you develop Ice Cream Cake indoors or outside — the outcomes are top-shelf. Nevertheless, indoor growers take pleasure in local weather management, which drastically improves yield, trichome manufacturing, and total bag enchantment.

Bear in mind, the perfect temperature vary for the Ice Cream Cake pressure is between 65-85°F. Ice Cream Cake crops are accustomed to decrease temperatures, and cooler temperatures are vital to supply these purple buds that’ll make you look twice.

Flowering time

The Ice Cream Cake pressure flowers inside 8-10-weeks.

Think about your self fortunate should you discover an Ice Cream Cake pheno that finishes on the low finish at 8-weeks. Even when your Feminized Ice Cream Cake seed pack produces 10-week phenos — relaxation assured that your endurance can be rewarded with ounces of pure fireplace.


Now, let’s get to the juicy particulars in regards to the Ice Cream Cake pressure.

As soon as it’s time to reap, you’ll be shocked by the huge purple colas falling over from their very own weight. That’s proper; the Ice Cream Cake pressure is thought to be a heavy yielder, making it the holy grail for many weed growers.

If you happen to develop Ice Cream Cake seeds indoors, you could yield between 500-600 g/m2. As soon as you’re taking Ice Cream Cake outside, every plant might yield as much as 550-grams.

In different phrases — prepare for an extended trimming session!


The Ice Cream Cake pressure grows like a real indica.

In different phrases, Ice Cream Cake crops develop to a medium top indoors, making them supreme for growers utilizing develop tents or a transformed room.

Sometimes, Ice Cream Cake crops develop between 100cm and 180cm. General, outside growers that permit Feminized Ice Cream Cake crops to vegetate for longer can attain 180cm top.

Resistance to Pests and Ailments

The Ice Cream Cake pressure provides reasonable resistance to pests and illnesses.

Subsequently, it’s essential to do your greatest to guard your hashish crop. With buds this good, it’ll be pure devastation to seek out your Ice Cream Cake backyard coated in mildew or spider mites.

The most effective practices to make sure the well being of your Ice Cream Cake crops are:

  • Take away the bottom development (lollipop)
  • Add one oscillating fan per meter squared
  • Adequately house every plant
  • Preserve your backyard clear
  • All the time put on clear garments into the develop room
  • By no means introduce clones into the backyard
  • All the time apply natural neem oil in the course of the vegetative stage

Ice Cream Cake Pressure Description and Properties

The Look of Ice Cream Cake Weed

Cease for a second and shut your eyes.

Think about a medium-size bud that lays firmly within the middle of your palm. As you stare upon this bud, you’ll really feel a sudden shiver down your backbone as a result of audacious stage of frost.

Other than the jaw-dropping quantity of resin, the purple calyxes and vibrant orange pistils are a shock to the senses. It’s at this second that you simply understand that you simply’re holding pure fireplace.

Now, open your eyes.

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What you simply imagined is an ideal pressure — Ice Cream Cake. Bear in mind, Ice Cream Cake didn’t win three hashish awards for nothing!

Dominant Cannabinoids Present in Ice Cream Cake Weed

The dominant cannabinoid present in Ice Cream Cake weed is THC.

Though there’s a fraction of CBD — it’s not sufficient to categorise it as a dominant cannabinoid. The typical THC content material of Ice Cream Cake buds is 21% — a stout quantity of psychoactive THC that’ll ship your thoughts and physique to outer house.

Nevertheless, expert growers (particularly indoors) can push the ICC pressure’s THC content material additional. Bear in mind, it pays dividends to hone your abilities as a cultivator as a result of your weed will at all times be stronger.

In the end, sky-high THC and mouth-watering terpenes make for an unbeatable combo — simply keep in mind to take it simple earlier than you enter blackout territory!

Dominant Terpenes Present in Ice Cream Cake Weed

Half the enjoyable of indulging in Ice Cream Cake weed is the terpene content material.

One of the simplest ways to explain the extraordinary aroma and taste of Ice Cream Cake is a loud pack. The second you unleash a bud of the ICC pressure from its container, it’s sport over — everyone seems to be about to ask you what smells so dank.

The terpenes fuse collectively and create an unbelievable taste profile that consists of candy Madagascar vanilla, Muscovado sugar, freshly baked dough, and whipped cream.

The three dominant terpenes discovered within the Ice Cream Cake buds are limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool.

The limonene provides layers of lemon meringue, whereas the caryophyllene and linalool present hints of spice and fragrant jasmine.

The Results of Ice Cream Cake

In a nutshell, right here’s the sport plan when you take pleasure in Ice Cream Cake’s buds: puff, puff, puff — gone.

Ice Cream Cake weed supplies extremely potent results which are certain to stage your thoughts and physique very quickly. Bear in mind, at almost 75% indica, the Ice Cream Cake pressure is well-equipped to ship you to Nirvana for hours on finish.

The second you inhale Ice Cream Cake’s silky smoke — a blanket of euphoria is draped round your physique. After a couple of minutes, the limbs favor the sitting place, and shortly after — it’s time to recline totally.

Medical Properties of Ice Cream Cake

With tens of millions of medical marijuana sufferers — it’s a no brainer that we have to talk about the medical properties related to the Ice Cream Cake pressure.

Right here’s an inventory of the foremost medical attributes that Ice Cream Cake’s decadent buds can help with:

  • Ache
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Melancholy
  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma

Because of the demand for potent and efficient hashish strains amongst medical marijuana sufferers, Ice Cream Cake is a well-liked alternative within the USA, Canada, and overseas for residence growers that want scrumptious but potent drugs.

If you happen to’re a medical marijuana affected person and on the fence about which pressure to purchase — Ice Cream Cake seeds are nearly as good because it will get.

Destructive Results of Ice Cream Cake Weed

With so many optimistic attributes — there’s at all times a number of downsides.

General, consuming an excessive amount of Ice Cream Cake weed can result in:

  • Sleepiness or lethargy
  • Cottonmouth
  • Crimson eyes

As you possibly can see — it’s a good suggestion to devour Ice Cream Cake weed responsibly. If you happen to develop Ice Cream Cake seeds — don’t be in a rush to devour them !

With ounces of picture-perfect weed at your disposal — you possibly can toke to your coronary heart’s content material!

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Execs/Cons of Rising Ice Cream Cake Seeds

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