How To Make Cake Palworld

how to make cake palworld
how to make cake palworld

Are you a fan of Pocketpair’s survival-crafting game, Palworld? If so, you probably know that cake is a crucial ingredient for breeding ultra-rare Pals. While there are a few ways to obtain cake, we believe that crafting it yourself and setting up a cake farm at your base is the best and easiest method. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the recipe for Palworld cake and explain how to establish your very own cake farm. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure in Palworld!

Palworld cake recipe: How to get cake in Palworld explained

To make cake in Palworld, you’ll need to use the Cooking Pot, which becomes available for crafting once you reach level 17. Once you have the Cooking Pot at your base, you can follow this recipe to create a delicious Palworld cake:

  • Flour x5
  • Red Berries x8
  • Milk x7
  • Eggs x8
  • Honey x2

Cake Palworld

To gather these ingredients, you can establish various farming facilities at your base. Build a Mill and a Wheat Plantation to harvest Flour, a Ranch and Berry Plantation for Red Berries, a Mozzarina to collect Milk, a Chikipi for Eggs, and a Beegarde for Honey. Don’t forget to create Wooden Chests to store your collected ingredients conveniently.

Cake Farm Palworld

Alternatively, you can also pick up items dropped by downed Pals during your adventures. For example, Cattiva and Caprity drop Red Berries, Mozzarina drops Milk, Chikipi drops Eggs, and Cinnamoth, Beegarde, Elizabee, and Warsect drop Honey. Additionally, Flopie, Bristle, Cinnamoth, Robinquill, and Robinquill Terra drop Wheat Seeds that you’ll need to make Flour. Keep an eye out for Red Berries on the bushes scattered around the map as well.

Palworld Pals

If you’re not in the mood for crafting cake, you can also find it by defeating Lovander out in the wild. However, it’s worth setting up your cake farm if you plan on breeding a lot of Pals. So why not unleash your culinary skills and create a haven for Palworld cake production at your very own base?


Q: Can I breed ultra-rare Pals without cake?

A: No, cake is an essential ingredient for breeding ultra-rare Pals in Palworld. Make sure to craft cake and set up a cake farm to maximize your breeding potential.

Q: Where can I find the Cooking Pot in Palworld?

A: The Cooking Pot becomes available for crafting once you reach level 17. With this vital tool, you can create various culinary delights, including the coveted Palworld cake.


With our helpful guide, you now know how to make cake in Palworld and set up a cake farm at your base. Embrace the culinary delights of Palworld and indulge in breeding ultra-rare Pals. Remember, Takeout Food is your go-to resource for culinary exploration and inspiration. For more delightful recipes and culinary insights, visit Takeout Food. Happy cooking, and may your Palworld adventures be filled with deliciousness!

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