How to make a car bomb drink

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The Irish Automobile Bomb is a beer-based cocktail, just like a Boilermaker. The “Irish” a part of the title comes from the truth that the drink options Irish cream and Irish whiskey. The “Car Bomb” half references the numerous automobile bombings that occurred through the Troubles, which is an offensive reference to many bartenders who refuse to serve the drink for that cause. Understandably so – it’s not precisely historic historical past.

However the Irish Automobile Bomb may be very fashionable worldwide all the identical. It’s a beer and shot cocktail, or slightly a stout and shot – you drop a shot glass of Baileys and Irish whiskey into Guinness to make it. And then you definitely drink it in a short time, as a result of in any other case it curdles slightly rapidly, which is simply not interesting in any respect.

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This drink is for getting completely “bombed” as rapidly as attainable. Some folks do like the flavour of it, which isn’t shocking on condition that it’s comprised of three tasty elements. However I believe an enormous a part of the attraction is within the presentation: dropping a shot dramatically right into a glass of stout, watching it spill and separate, after which chugging all of it down. There’s a theatrical high quality to it that many individuals get pleasure from.

As I discussed earlier than, the one subject with this drink is that the Irish cream can “curdle.” That’s, separate into little clumps throughout the stout. It’s not a pleasing feeling to discover a clump in your drink. So the trick right here is to verify each elements had been completely chilled as much as the minute you made the drink. Be certain that the stout is straight from the fridge. And it’s greatest to maintain Irish cream in a fridge anyway, since it may possibly spoil. So simply make sure that it’s been chilled earlier than serving too.

It’s nonetheless a good suggestion to drink it earlier than it heats as much as room temperature.

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The usual recipe requires Baileys, however as I’ve talked about earlier than, I want Carolans for its stronger caramel style. Individuals have made this drink with all method of flavored Baileys, and people may be good, too. You actually can’t get it incorrect.


Irish Automobile Bomb Drink Recipe

  • 3/4 pint Guinness stout
  • 1/2 shot Baileys Irish Cream
  • 1/2 shot Irish Whiskey

Pour the Baileys Irish Cream right into a shot glass, adopted by the Jameson Irish Whiskey. Subsequent, pour your Guinness right into a beer mug. Let the froth settle. Drop the Baileys/Jameson shot glass into the Guinness. Drink quick.

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