How to grill leg quarters on charcoal grill

Grilling leg quarters on a charcoal grill is easy if you have the right tools. You'll need a chimney starter, a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil, and charcoal briquettes. Start your coals in the chimney

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Among the finest proteins values you’re going to discover on the grocery retailer is rooster leg quarters. Everyone goes nuts for the breasts and wings and that leaves a surplus of leg quarters which might be often fairly low-cost.

It seems that also they are scrumptious on the grill!

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Let me present you the way I grill rooster leg quarters on a Weber charcoal grill.

Put together the Leg Quarters

Let’s begin with some rooster quarters.

Raw Chicken Leg Quarters

Let’s clear up the again facet of this stuff.

See that massive pocket of fats? See these organ segments and spinal fraction?

I don’t wish to eat that and your friends don’t both.

Reduce them out.

Trimmed Leg Quarters

For the flavour profile we’re going with the primary all time winner, Italian dressing.

Italian Dressing

Use no matter model you want however at all times test the label.

Ingredient list

You do NOT desire a model that has Excessive Fructose Corn Syrup as the principle ingredient.

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We’re going to be cooking this rooster sizzling and the corn syrup will scorch.

Place the rooster quarters right into a Ziplock bag with the Italian dressing.

I slash the pores and skin and meat of the quarters to verify the marinade can penetrate deeply.

Marinated leg quarters

Let the rooster marinate within the fridge in a single day. When you don’t have time to marinate in a single day then a minimum of let it soak for an hour.

If Italian dressing isn’t your factor then try this superior Chili Lime Hen Marinade from The Honour System. It’s severely filled with taste and, because it doesn’t comprise any sugar or sweeteners, will work nice for grilling.

Put together the Weber Grill

We’re going to grill/smoke the quarters with a totally lit charcoal basket on one facet of the grill and the rooster on the oblique facet of the grill.

Use a charcoal chimney to gentle about 30 Kingsford briquettes. It’s going to take about 20 minutes for the charcoal to gentle and absolutely ash over.

When you resolve to make use of lighter fluid to get your coals lit then I wont inform anybody. Both takeoutfood.finest the coals are lit get them banked onto the left facet of the grill.

Hold the underside and high air vents fully open.

Grill the Quarters

Place the leg quarters on the appropriate facet of the grill such that they’re near, however circuitously above, the charcoal and shut the lid.

Ready to grill

Let the rooster prepare dinner and flip it over each 20 minutes.

After about 40 minutes the quarters will probably be trying lovely and will probably be near completed.

Chicken Leg Quarters Cooked on a Weber Charcoal Grill

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To place a bit of extra crisp onto the pores and skin you may grill all sides briefly over direct warmth.


A minute per facet is loads.


When you do sear the rooster off make sure that to maneuver it again to the oblique facet to complete cooking.

The rooster quarters are completed once they hit an inner temperature of 175-185F.


No sauce for this rooster…I just like the straight up taste and juiciness of the marinade.

Listed here are a couple of extra concepts for grilled or smoked rooster!

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