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Grease, meals residue, meat juices, and ash accumulating on the grill backside can simply break down the steel floor over time. Luckily, cleansing a rusty grill backside is comparatively simple and makes use of easy non-toxic home items similar to vinegar, salt, baking soda, and dishwashing cleaning soap. However prevention is the very best methodology.

Moreover, you’ll be able to substitute a grill backside that’s too worn out by rust. However, you could have to purchase a brand new grill if the outdated one stops being useful. Utilizing the directions beneath will get your grill glowing, clear, and glossy very quickly.

Why Does My Fuel Grill Rust Out?

Even with the preventive measures beneath, rust can nonetheless type in your grill over time. However it’s important to know why it occurs to have the ability to keep away from them from occurring.

  • Water: Moisture is the principle wrongdoer for inflicting rust on grills. It might be greatest for those who protected out of doors grills from moist climate and snow. And all the time oil your grill after cleansing with water.
  • Saltwater: Salt and humidity within the air, particularly in locations within the ocean, corrodes steel, together with stainless-steel grills.
  • Meals residue: When meals particles keep on the grill for therefore lengthy, they rot and develop into acidic, inflicting rust to type in your grill surfaces.
  • Chemical compounds: Utilizing concentrated bleach and cleaners containing chlorine to wash your stainless-steel grill will type rust on the surfaces.

How to Repair a Rusty Grill Backside

Normally, most grills are product of stainless-steel to imply; they don’t rust. However, the underside of the grill is the place all of the meat juices and dust gather, making it most susceptible to creating rust. Moreover, the extent of injury determines the measures to restoring a barbecue grill.

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When the injury isn’t an excessive amount of and is reversible

A grill that isn’t too broken has quite a lot of options. Step one to any cleansing methodology is to show off and disconnect your grill from the fuel cylinder. Then, disassemble the grill to show the rusty grill backside. Under are a number of the issues you are able to do:

Scrapping off the rust

A fast and simple answer to eradicating rust is utilizing an abrasive materials similar to a wire brush, metal wool, or sandpaper. Be cautious when utilizing a wire brush as a result of it may take away the protecting layer from the grill floor over continued use. First, it’s important to dry brush to take away the ash and charred flakes after which wipe it down with detergent and water.


  • Use a wire brush to scrape off the massive lumps and dust.
  • Use a store vac to take away the massive chunks of dust.
  • Moist the floor utilizing liquid dishwashing cleaning soap and scrub with metal wool or sandpaper. Pay shut consideration to the corners as a result of rust attracts rust.
  • Rinse it off with clear water.
  • Wipe it down utilizing a cleansing rag or paper towels.
  • Spray some vegetable oil.

Washing with dishwashing cleaning soap and water

For much less cussed stains and after each use, you’ll be able to all the time depend on some dishwashing cleaning soap and water to wash a rusty grill backside. Don’t use any poisonous cleansing detergent as this half can also be uncovered to your meals. It could additionally corrode your grill and worsen the rust.


  • Combine some liquid dishwashing cleaning soap with water in a bucket or spray bottle.
  • Spray the surfaces of the grill backside, soak for about 15-20 minutes to dissolve the rusting grease.
  • Scrub with a rag or nylon brush to take away any remaining rust particles.
  • Rinse and wipe it down dry.

Vinegar and baking soda

The acid within the vinegar will raise the rust whereas the baking soda reacts with the acid and foam, permitting the acid to enter cracks and crevices.


  • Combine some white vinegar and baking soda within the ratio 1:2 in a twig bottle.
  • Spray it generously on the surfaces and permit it to soak for a few minutes.
  • Use a comfortable bristle brush to clean off any remaining rust stains.
  • Wipe it dry with a clear rag.


The excessive ranges of phosphoric acid in soda, significantly Coke, lifts rust from metallic surfaces.


  • Pour a good quantity of soda in your grill backside.
  • After half-hour of soaking, scrub the floor with metal wool.
  • Rinse and dry the floor with a clear material.

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Business rust remover

There are a number of industrial rust removers particularly for kitchenware. Get your self one that’s non-toxic like Evapo-Rust and successfully removes rust from surfaces which are in touch with meals. All the time learn the producer’s directions earlier than use.


  • Take away the grease and dust from the underside of the grill utilizing a brush.
  • Spray the rust remover on the floor and let it soak for as lengthy the product handbook instructs.
  • Wipe off the product with a clear moist material.

Citric acid

The citric acid in lemons and limes is an alternative to vinegar. The delicate acid dissolves rust from steel surfaces with ease. You’ll be able to combine this with salt, dishwashing cleaning soap, or baking soda. However, this may occasionally take longer than vinegar; subsequently, soak the grill backside in a single day for higher outcomes.


  • Make sufficient of the citric acid combination right into a thick paste and coat the grill backside generously.
  • Let it sit in a single day to loosen the rust particles.
  • Scrub off any remaining rust stains utilizing metal wool.
  • Rinse and repeat the method if obligatory.

When the injury is far and desires restore or alternative of the underside

Resulting from common use or low upkeep, the injury brought on by rust on the grill backside could also be too intensive, subsequently requiring a alternative or restore.

Study the extent of injury in your grill backside and examine for any holes. You’ll be able to rapidly restore small holes whereas giant ones may have the entire backside changed.

Repairing the grill backside

A technique of refilling the holes is utilizing an epoxy filler like Blue Magic Quiksteel, which fills the hole and hardens like metal. It additionally withstands temperatures as much as 2400°F.

Sand any free rust and clear the underside with an answer of dishwashing cleaning soap to take away any grease and dust. Comply with the product directions to fill the outlet and permit it to treatment. Sand the realm clean and paint utilizing high-temperature paint for a shiny end.

One other answer is to patch the holes by welding metal. Be sure the surfaces are clear and sanded earlier than welding.

Changing the grill backside

When you can’t restore the underside injury, you’ll be able to construct the same backside shelf or buy an identical spare half. Most up-to-date fashions have comparatively cheap spare components.

When the injury is an excessive amount of and never value it

Although changing grill components is usually a bit expensive, you could have to contemplate changing the entire unit in case your grill has served its time and is simply too outdated and too broken to repair.

How to Cease Your Grill from Rusting too Quick

Having a easy upkeep routine helps stop your grill from rusting too quick. Take away any little quantity of rust promptly to keep away from spreading the injury.

Stainless-steel grill and ceramic grates

Stainless-steel shouldn’t be 100% non-corrosive, however it’s extremely corrosion-resistant, slowing down the rusting course of. Over time warmth and common cleansing will degrade the protecting layer. Ceramic-coated grates should not solely non-stick but in addition stop water from moving into direct contact with different metallic components of your grill.

Clear after every use

All the time clear your grill after each use. Not simply the grate but in addition, wiping down all of the components is crucial in stopping rust. Meals particles left on the metallic surfaces will quicken the rusting course of.

Deep clear usually

Do a deep clear of your grill to cut back the build-up of dust and rust in locations not usually cleaned. Utterly disassemble your grill and use any of the strategies defined above to wash all of the grill components.

Season your grill

After cleansing your grill, apply a skinny layer of vegetable oil on the grills inside and outdoors components. The oil prevents water from getting in touch with the metallic surfaces to trigger rusting.

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Weatherproof your grill

After seasoning, cowl your grill with a nylon or vinyl cowl, particularly for those who stay in locations with excessive humidity, frequent rain, and snow. It prevents injury from climate situations. If potential, you’ll be able to transfer your grill indoors.

Warding off moisture out of your metallic surfaces and common cleansing will stop rust from forming and damaging your grill in the long term. Luckily, rust might be successfully eliminated out of your grill utilizing easy family mixtures. Whichever methodology you go for, keep in mind to rinse, dry, and season your grill surfaces to keep up your grill’s high quality.

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