How Long To Saute Mushrooms

how long to saute mushrooms
how long to saute mushrooms

Have you ever struggled to achieve perfectly sautéed mushrooms with a rich flavor and a perfectly browned texture? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will show you how to sauté mushrooms to perfection, elevating their taste and texture to a whole new level.

A white plate with sautéed mushrooms and sprigs of thyme.

You can use sautéed mushrooms in various dishes, such as pasta, quiche, or as a healthy vegetable side dish. The key to mastering this technique lies in how frequently you stir the mushrooms, or rather, how infrequently you do!

What Kind of Mushrooms to Buy

While any type of mushroom will work, using pre-sliced mushrooms will save you time. For the most flavorful option, we recommend baby portobello mushrooms, also known as cremini mushrooms. They are affordable and more flavorful than regular white mushrooms. However, with our cooking method, any type of mushroom will deliver a burst of concentrated mushroom flavor.

How to Wash Mushrooms

Contrary to popular belief, washing mushrooms with water is perfectly acceptable. Simply place the sliced mushrooms in a colander, rinse them with cold water, and shake off any excess water. This will not make them soggy or less flavorful. In fact, mushrooms only absorb about 2% of their weight in water when washed. Just remember to use them right away after washing, without letting them sit for more than 15 minutes.

Washing sliced mushrooms in a colander.

How to Sauté Mushrooms

Sautéing mushrooms to perfection is a straightforward process that takes about 10 minutes. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Melt two tablespoons of salted butter (unsalted butter can be used, but additional salt will be needed) in a skillet.
  2. Immediately add the mushrooms to the skillet after washing and shaking off the excess water. This prevents the mushrooms from absorbing any unnecessary moisture.
  3. Add a pinch of salt to draw out the moisture in the mushrooms and enhance their browning.
  4. Stir to coat the mushrooms in the butter, then spread them out in an even layer.
  5. Most importantly, refrain from stirring the mushrooms frequently! Let them cook undisturbed for 4-6 minutes. The moisture will be drawn out of the mushrooms, which will be visible in the skillet. The heat will then evaporate the moisture, intensifying the mushroom flavor.
  6. Stir the mushrooms 1-2 more times, leaving them alone for a couple of minutes in between.
  7. Once there is almost no moisture left in the skillet and the mushrooms are deeply browned, they are ready to be enjoyed.

Mushrooms cooking in a skillet.

What Kind of Skillet to Use

Although any skillet will work, we recommend using a nonstick skillet for sautéing mushrooms. Nonstick skillets make it easier to cook the mushrooms to perfection consistently. If you prefer using a stainless steel or cast iron skillet, some mushrooms may stick to the pan, requiring additional cleaning or deglazing.

How to Use Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms can be enjoyed on their own as a side dish or used to enhance various recipes. Consider adding herbs like oregano, thyme, or rosemary, or onions during the sautéing process for additional flavor. Here are some recipe ideas that incorporate sautéed mushrooms:

A skillet with sautéed mushrooms and a wooden spoon on a plaid towel.


How long does it take to sauté mushrooms?

The entire sautéing process takes about 10 minutes, with the most crucial step being the initial 4-6 minutes of undisturbed cooking.

Can I use other types of mushrooms?

Yes, you can use any type of mushroom for sautéing. However, using pre-sliced mushrooms will save you time.


Mastering the art of sautéing mushrooms is simple yet rewarding. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can transform ordinary mushrooms into a flavorful culinary delight. Remember to use a nonstick skillet, avoid frequent stirring, and savor the concentrated mushroom goodness. For more culinary inspiration and techniques, explore Takeout Food’s Cooking Techniques, Tutorials, and FAQs.

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