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Chilly brew espresso is without doubt one of the hottest issues in espresso. It fills a pleasant area of interest in your espresso consuming schedule, is refreshing and candy, and might be simply as — or much more — handy as popping a pod in a machine.

All for studying extra about this scrumptious beverage and the way it can match into your espresso life? Learn on to search out out:

  1. How is chilly brew made?
  2. Chilly brew vs. iced espresso
  3. Why drink chilly brew?
  4. Is chilly brew stronger?
  5. How lengthy does chilly brew final?

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Earlier than we get began:

Chilly brew vs. chilly brew focus:

Chilly brew focus is chilly brew with a really excessive espresso to water ratio. The drip espresso you are used to is wherever from 1 half espresso to 16 to twenty elements water. We additionally name this “strength”. Chilly brew focus is commonly 1:4 to 1:8. It’s actually a concentrated espresso drink and is far stronger – and has rather more caffeine – than the identical quantity of drip espresso liquid.

You will notice us reference these phrases a number of instances, so that is price a primer!

Hand holding a cup of cold brew coffee

#1 | How is chilly brew made?

Espresso grounds (often coarse) + water (chilly or room temp) + time (8 to 24 hours) = most chilly brew

Chilly brew espresso is often made by steeping espresso in water for plenty of hours at chilly or ambient (room) temperature. This sluggish, low temp brew makes chilly brew style very totally different from sizzling brewing the identical sort of espresso beans: delicate chocolate and mellow, low acidity fruits are frequent taste notes. We examined this for ourselves, and you’ll learn our findings in our weblog, “Cold Brew Taste Test: 5 Coffees, Hot vs. Cold”.

Chilly brewing – or in lots of circumstances ambient temperature brewing – makes use of time instead of temperature to make sure extraction. Chilly brewing can take between 8 and 24 hours, relying on who you ask and what your goal chilly brew style is.

Glass of cold brew next to a French PressYou need to use your trusty French Press to make chilly brew – Get our recipe + Youtube video right here

Chilly brew espresso can be typically made as a focus which is then diluted – or “watered down” – to style from there. So, whereas pour-over espresso and most drip coffees have a brewing ratio of about 1 to 16 espresso to water (ex: 20 grams of floor espresso brewed with 320 mL of water), chilly brewing is often performed with much less and with a variety of potentialities to go well with totally different tastes.


A 1:8 or 1:9 ratio is fairly frequent when brewing your chilly brew espresso — so as an illustration, 50 grams of floor espresso to 450 milliliters of water. Some stronger brewing ratios on the market provide much more concentrated efficiency. However different chilly brew recipes are literally rather a lot nearer to sizzling espresso ratios at 1:11 or 1:12, and are particularly geared to creating “ready-to-drink” chilly espresso – i.e. no dilution wanted. These 1:12 cups will even imply your mug of espresso has extra caffeine in it by quantity, which is the place one other “myth” about chilly brew could come from (however we’ll cowl that in a bit).

#2 | Chilly brew vs. Iced espresso

Iced espresso used to principally be simply what it appears like: regular brewed drip espresso or espresso to which one provides ice. It was not — and perhaps nonetheless isn’t — unusual to look at a barista or diner worker merely take some espresso from batch brew, throw some ice in it, and name it “Iced Coffee”.

“Flash chill” or “flash brew” espresso is a extra lately popularized innovation on iced espresso. These “flash” strategies take two steps to extend the standard of iced espresso:

  1. scale back the ratio of water to espresso to account for the added ice that may in any other case dilute the espresso, and
  2. settle down the hot-brewed espresso instantly by brewing straight into the ice-filled vessel.

Chilly brew is slow-steeped for longer intervals of time. It differs from iced espresso, which has been sizzling brewed particularly to extract these further layers of flavors and different pure espresso compounds that don’t get extracted a lot or in any respect in chilly brew (see extra about extraction in our “Science Corner” part under).

(Try our weblog for a recipe for iced espresso utilizing a Intelligent Dripper, or watch our Youtube video. )

Brewing iced coffee with a Clever Dripper

#3 | Why drink chilly brew?

  • Forgiving brewing course of
  • Extremely handy
  • Much less acidic
  • All of the well being and power advantages of sizzling espresso
  • Good way to make use of older espresso beans

Going just a little deeper: Chilly brewing might be very forgiving of older espresso beans, and it’s simple to prep in massive portions upfront. This creates a refreshing, handy, and caffeinated drink for busy mornings.

Of us who drink chilly brew additionally buzz about one different chilly brew function: delicate and low acidity! Chilly brew espresso tastes much less acidic than sizzling brewed espresso from the identical beans, and it’s famously mellow and smooth-not simply on the palate, but in addition the abdomen. However why?

Properly, science. Warmth has an enormous impact on extraction*. Chilly brewing leaves behind some acids that sizzling espresso pulls out simply. This not solely creates a espresso that’s flavorful, {smooth}, and mellow, but in addition one that may maintain up for days and nonetheless style recent.

*Science nook:

Wish to know extra about how this works? Scorching water is just higher at dissolving soluble solids. Scorching water can be higher at weakening molecular bonds and creating oxidative reactions that release-extract!-a ton of the natural compounds locked up inside a espresso bean. However chilly brew is rather a lot much less environment friendly at this, which means smaller yields of some compounds in espresso, notably particular acids and oils. Whereas these compounds assist create depth and aroma in a sizzling cup of espresso, they’re what’s often called “volatile”, and may disappear or degrade as soon as that sizzling espresso cools.


Much more, sizzling espresso and chilly brew from the identical precise beans could share the same pH worth, however research have recommended that pH doesn’t correspond to the precise titratable acidity and complete acids variations between the 2 brew strategies. Chilly brew’s acids are mainly weaker and may be why people with extra delicate stomachs can get pleasure from it greater than a sizzling cup of espresso.

Chilly brew isn’t simply handy and straightforward on the abdomen, however like all espresso, it has some wholesome compounds too:

  • chlorogenic acids
  • antioxidants

Whereas chilly brew espresso will sometimes extract much less of those natural compounds than a corresponding sizzling espresso of the identical origin/roast, these useful compounds are nonetheless current in most chilly brew coffees.


#4 | Is chilly brew stronger?

It may be if you’d like it to be! It can be weaker.

One of many greatest myths about chilly brew is that it’s all the time robust and extremely caffeinated. This isn’t precisely true. What’s true is that as a result of it’s brewed with a better ratio of espresso to water, the focus that’s made can have significantly extra caffeine than the identical quantity of sizzling brewed espresso, even espresso. That is despite sizzling brewing with the ability to extra successfully extract caffeine and different compounds.

Nevertheless, nearly no person drinks chilly brew focus straight. It’s often lower with extra water, ice, and even milk or alt milk, which pushes the caffeine content material of a single serving again all the way down to the traditional vary for a typical cup of espresso. So until you’re making a powerful focus and chugging it as is, your glass of chilly brew ought to be about the identical as a sizzling cup of espresso, caffeine-wise.

However what about your favourite store-bought chilly brew, or the chilly brew out of your favourite cafe? Identical to drip espresso, the power of chilly brew espresso varies place to put and product to product. It is primarily as much as the specified power of the producer or espresso store.

#5 | How lengthy does chilly brew final?

As a focus and when refrigerated, chilly brew can final a number of days to a few week and a half. Should you’re brewing your individual chilly brew, we strongly advise storing it within the fridge after it’s been brewed and filtered. Remember to preserve it in hermetic container and never open it too continuously for one of the best outcomes.

Word: If it’s been diluted with milks or various milks, it in all probability ought to be consumed inside a number of days. Similar for plain chilly brew should you’re opening the container to pour your self a glass day by day.

Most individuals drink chilly brew plain or on ice, however some like so as to add flavorings or milks. Try our honey alt milk chilly brew recipe for inspiration!

Adding cream to cold brew coffee

How lengthy chilly brew bought in a grocery retailer or cafe lasts will depend on the way it’s made, and what’s written within the label. Kaldi’s Espresso chilly brew cans all have a Greatest By date printed on the can. This finest by date is relevant till the can is opened; as soon as it’s opened, it’s finest to eat it inside a day or two, for finest style. And naturally, our cans must be saved in a fridge always!

BONUS | What does chilly brew espresso style like?

After studying all this details about the chilly brewing course of, chances are you’ll be left questioning: What’s going to this make my espresso style like vs. sizzling brewing?

As we talked about above, we requested ourselves that very same query and devised just a little check. Utilizing 5 coffees – 2 blends, 3 single origins – we used our French Press chilly brewing methodology and our conventional cupping methodology to do a facet by facet comparability.

Testing cold brewed coffee vs hot brewed coffee

As a fundamental abstract, we discovered:

  • The chilly brews offered oxidation notes, however this was principally coated and outweighed by dripping flavors of darkish goodies.
  • The chilly brews additionally persistently mellowed out every espresso’s roast notes, most notably in our French Roast mix.
  • The mouthfeel of chilly brews was persistently a thicker, creamier physique that coated the palate.

Learn the total experiment and breakdown in our weblog, Chilly Brew Style Check: 5 Coffees, Scorching vs. Chilly.


We hope you discovered this beneficial! Here is a recap of all the pieces we coated earlier than you begin sipping your subsequent tasty chilly brew:

  • Chilly brew espresso is:
    • Made by steeping more-coarsely floor espresso in cooler water for longer intervals of time
    • Totally different from iced espresso primarily based on its brewing methodology and total style
    • Nice to drink for its refreshing qualities, comfort, forgiving brew methodology, and well being advantages
    • Solely stronger and solely has extra caffeine than sizzling espresso should you do not dilute it as a lot as your common cup
    • In a position to final for a reasonably lengthy time period within the fridge

Cheers, and blissful (chilly) brewing!



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