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We have now all been there, after cooking up an entire hen for a scrumptious roast dinner there’s at all times a whole lot of meat left. Clearly, you don’t wish to waste it however what do you do with it? You may at all times freeze it to be used later, or pop it into the fridge to reheat if you’re cautious however are you able to eat chilly hen too?

You may eat chilly hen so long as it has been cooked first. Simply ensure you hold any chilly cooked hen within the fridge and solely carry it out while you plan to eat it.

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Chilly hen might be eaten, however you do have to take care with the way you cool it after which retailer it. It’s throughout this era the place issues can develop into harmful with the hen.

When it has cooked you want to enable the meat to chill down fully, then pop it right into a container with a lid. Put this within the fridge for 2 to 3 days. Don’t threat leaving it within the fridge longer than this or you possibly can find yourself sick from the micro organism progress and spoiled hen.

Once you retailer your chilly cooked hen within the fridge, ensure you hold it away from any uncooked meats to keep away from contamination. Preserve your cooked meats in nicely wrapped and sealed containers on the highest shelf and any uncooked meats on the underside shelf.

What Does Chilly Hen Style Like?

Chilly hen is scrumptious. It tastes like all cooked hen, however while you eat it chilly, it has a barely firmer texture which is ideal for an addition to a sandwich or simply to eat as a snack.

You would possibly even discover that the flavour of the hen is even higher chilly! It is because placing meals within the fridge can enable the seasonings and flavourings to actually develop over time.

Find out how to Eat Chilly Hen

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For those who don’t wish to reheat your hen leftovers then there’s no want to fret, there are many methods to eat your hen chilly. Listed below are a number of so that you can strive:


Typically preserving issues easy is the most suitable choice and if you happen to discover you might be hungry half approach via the morning or afternoon then as a substitute of reaching to your normal unhealthy snacks why not try to nibble on some chilly hen?

Pop some onto a plate and simply eat it as you’ll crisps or nuts. It’s stuffed with protein and diet, and it’ll assist hold you full till lunch. You can even eat it alongside a dip!


Chilly hen works splendidly in a salad. It’s the right addition. It’s simple, nutritious, and tastes nice.

Make up your salad utilizing a great mixture of salad leaves and different salad veggies. Add the hen and your favorite dressing, and you’ve got a scrumptious lunch!

If you wish to add one thing a little bit further, you possibly can grate a little bit cheese excessive too.


Everybody loves a sandwich at lunchtime. It’s the right meal. Simple to eat, and you’ll add no matter elements you need. Chilly hen makes unbelievable sandwiches, and you’ll make sure you don’t waste any of that scrumptious leftover hen.

Slice it thinly, combine with mayonnaise, a drop of mustard after which pile between slices of buttered bread. You can even use chilly hen in a cheese toastie so as to add protein and substance to it.


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One other approach to make use of your hen up is so as to add it as a topping to nachos. Simply shred the meat and sprinkle it over your nachos with the remainder of your sauces and salsas. You can, in fact, heat the hen via while you soften the cheese.

Advantages of Consuming Chilly Hen

Once you eat your chilly hen, you might be getting all the identical advantages you bought when it was cooked freshly. Hen is a excessive protein meat which is essential for any nutritious diet.

Hen is a lean meat so you possibly can eat it with out worrying an excessive amount of in regards to the energy – particularly you probably have used a leaner lower akin to breast. On prime of this, it might assist promote bone and coronary heart well being.

The additional advantage of consuming your hen chilly is that you just aren’t letting any of these nutritious leftovers go to waste. Meals waste continues to be a serious challenge so it’s best to do something you possibly can to forestall it.

Ought to You Eat Chilly Hen?

You probably have leftover hen, then there is no such thing as a motive to not eat it chilly. In the end, nobody needs to throw any meat out so why do you have to not eat it!

It makes it simple to eat, and you’ll simply add it to meals or simply snack on it while you get peckish. It even works nice tossed right into a salad or in a sandwich.

Simply watch out to maintain your chilly hen within the fridge always. For those who let it sit at room temperature, then that is when it has probably the most alternative for micro organism to develop, which may make you sick. However that is the case with most meat and fish merchandise and never simply unique to hen.

Chilly Hen FAQs

For those who’ve received different particular questions on consuming chilly hen then these would possibly assist:

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