Desserts That Start With M

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Desserts That Start With M

Listed here are 16 totally different desserts that begin with the letter M. A few of our favorites embrace Mississippi Mud Pie and Moon Pies!

A few of these you’ve most likely heard of earlier than, whereas others are fairly uncommon. In reality, this was my first time studying about Madeleines from France and Mochi, which is in style in Japan.

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What number of of those desserts have you ever tried? Let me know down beneath!

Colorful Macarons


Macarons are meringue-based cookie sandwiches with a candy filling. However whereas all of us think about the beautiful dessert as a French invention, it originated some other place.

In 1533, Italian Catherine de’ Medici moved to France to marry King Henry II. Alongside together with her most interesting garments and jewellery, she introduced her pastry cooks together with her, who have been chargeable for the recipe.

The unique macarons have been solely product of a single cookie, although. However the French elevated the OG recipe to make the macarons we all know and love at present.

Coconut Macaroons


Usually mistaken for macarons, macaroons are a distinct dessert. Though they do have the identical form and dimension, and are each French, the macaroon is a cookie made with coconut, almonds, sweetened condensed milk, and different flavorings.

Madeira Cake

Madeira Cake

Madeira cake is a butter- or lemon-flavored sponge cake that’s agency but gentle on the identical time. It’s typically served as a breakfast dish, paired with tea.

Whereas it’s named after an island in Portugal, there is no such thing as a proof that it originated there. The cake is 100% British. However they do get pleasure from pairing it with Madeira wine, therefore its deceptive title.



Madeleines are scallop-shaped, bite-sized tea desserts from France. The beloved snack is commonly eaten scorching with espresso for breakfast, or at 4 within the afternoon throughout gouter – the French model of the English afternoon tea.

Marshmallow Pie

Marshmallow Pie

This fluffy and irresistible dessert is nothing with out the candy and pillowy marshmallows. However have you ever ever puzzled what marshmallows are product of?

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Effectively, marshmallows have been constructed from the roots of the mallow plant, a plant that grows in marshes. Therefore the title! However, these days, the marshmallows we all know and love are constructed from sugar, gelatin, and cornstarch.

Raw Marzipan in a Bowl


This addictive confection is made with almond meal, honey, and sugar. It’s typically used as an ingredient in desserts, comparable to desserts and sweets.

Whereas the marzipan is legendary at present for being such a yummy flavoring, it was bought within the Center Ages as a therapy for bodily and psychological problems.



Oh how I like these candy, crisp, and chewy treats! I grew up munching on these egg white and sugar-based confections, so simply the considered meringues brings again a whole lot of completely satisfied recollections.

There are several types of meringues which have various consistencies and makes use of, such because the Swiss, Italian, and French meringue.

Millefeuille with Vanilla Cream


Millefeuille is yet one more decadent French pastry made with layers of puff pastry and pastry cream.

The time period millefeuille derives from the French phrases, “mille”, which means 1000, and “feuille”, which means sheets. So following the outline, a millefeuille is a pastry that has at the very least a thousand layers. Some even stack as much as a whopping 2048 layers! Simply think about how delicious that’s!

Milo Cookies

Milo Cookies

They’re chocolate chip cookies that make use of the malt and chocolate powdered drink, Milo. Milo could not sound acquainted to you, however it’s one of many merchandise of Nestle.

It’s in style in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia. As for the cookies, nicely, they’re candy, chewy, chocolatey, and undoubtedly a must-try!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love the mixture of refreshing milk and decadent chocolate chips? It’s such a singular and pleasant ice cream taste!

Whereas it’s in style right here within the US, do you know that it’s really a British invention? The mint chocolate chip ice cream was created by Marilyn Rocketts, an English culinary scholar.

She entered her invention in a contest held by the royal household, who wished a brand new taste to serve on the wedding ceremony of Princess Anne. That’s why it was initially referred to as the Mint Royale. Fascinating!

Mississippi Mud Pie

Mississippi Mud Pie

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This decadent pie is the delight of Mississippi. It’s named such due to its dense chocolate cake, which resembles the muddy banks of the Mississippi River. Whereas it’s not probably the most appetizing title, it’s undoubtedly scrumptious.

Mizu Yokan

Mizu Yokan

Yokan is one other dessert created and beloved by the Japanese. It’s a jelly that includes pink bean paste, sugar, and agar.

Mizu (which means water) is a variation that accommodates extra water than regular, yielding a softer and smoother yokan. It’s served chilled, making it a refreshing summer season dessert.



This tender and sticky Japanese dessert is made with a gelatinous rice referred to as Mochigome (therefore its title). It has quite a lot of fillings, comparable to flavored cream, pink mung bean paste, and matcha.

Watch out when consuming this chewy deal with, although, as a result of some aged individuals have died choking from it!

Chocolate Moon Pies

Moon Pies

This in style confection is product of two graham cracker cookies and a candy and fluffy marshmallow filling. However have you learnt why these tasty treats are referred to as such?

It occurred in 1917 in Chattanooga. A baker requested a coal miner what he wished to eat. The miner requested for one thing with marshmallows and graham crackers, and that it ideally be as large because the moon. Therefore… the creation of moon pies!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Mousse Cake

Easy, ethereal, and fluffy. These are the three phrases that describe an ideal mousse cake.

The phrase mousse is French for froth or foam, which explains its great consistency. Whereas mousse extra typically refers to a dessert, it was extra generally used for savory dishes again within the 1800s.

It was solely within the 1900s that one artist got here up with the concept of blending chocolate with mousse, creating the dessert everyone knows and love at present.

Bisquick Blueberry Muffin


Whether or not it’s blueberries, bananas, chocolate, cornmeal, or cheese, one factor’s for certain: muffins are the most effective!

Whereas this small cupcake-like fast bread is an American invention, the time period muffin comes from the German phrase muffin, which suggests a small cake.

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Desserts that Start With M

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