Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

dessert oasis coffee roasters
dessert oasis coffee roasters

Even before its grand opening, Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters in Ferndale has become a bustling haven for coffee enthusiasts. The sunlit café is now abuzz with customers savoring lattes while working or recording podcasts. Owner Nathan Hamood expresses gratitude for the community’s overwhelming support, feeling a genuine sense of home on the first day. The café’s grand opening party, featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a latte art “throwdown,” exemplifies the team’s commitment to celebrating their achievements.

A Journey Rooted in Passion

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters began its journey in 2009, amidst an economic downturn, with the help of Nathan’s family. The first location, opened in Rochester, aimed to provide a space for Nathan’s sister, Stephie James, to perform her music. Their passion for creating a unique music-listening experience set the stage for their success. Over the years, Dessert Oasis expanded, moving closer to downtown Rochester in 2012 and opening a location in downtown Detroit near Capitol Park in 2015.

Ethical Sourcing and Craft Coffee

Dessert Oasis takes pride in sourcing quality coffee beans ethically from small farms worldwide. Rather than intentionally creating a specialty coffee roasting company, Nathan’s dedication to providing better quality coffee and a lack of local options compelled him to roast his own beans. Starting with a small roasting machine that could only handle a pound of beans at a time, Nathan followed his passion for coffee, even dropping out of university to pursue Dessert Oasis full-time.

With the company growing steadily, Nathan envisioned a larger location to serve as Dessert Oasis’ headquarters and main production facility. After a fortuitous encounter with Vintage King, the building’s previous owner, Dessert Oasis found their perfect new home on Hilton Road. The renovated space now houses a café, two comfortable seating areas, a shipping dock, and a state-of-the-art Probat coffee bean roaster.

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

Crafting the Perfect Roast

The acquisition of a Probat coffee bean roaster fulfilled one of Nathan’s longstanding dreams. Its impeccable engineering and ability to roast 20 pounds of beans at a time elevated Dessert Oasis’ coffee quality further. The roasting process, with its heated drum and complex chemical reactions, allows Dessert Oasis to extract exquisite flavors from their beans. Nathan acknowledges that roasting their own coffee may not always be economically advantageous, but the passion and commitment to their craft remain foundational to the company’s identity.

Embracing Culinary Delight

Dessert Oasis isn’t solely about coffee. It boasts a large bakery that supplies fresh confections to all of its locations. Additionally, the company is expanding its wholesale program to directly serve restaurants and office buildings. To foster a community of coffee aficionados, Dessert Oasis dedicates a generous space for educating employees about the science of coffee. Customers visiting any of their stores can receive valuable advice from knowledgeable baristas, creating an inclusive and enlightening experience for all.


Q: What sets Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters apart from other coffee shops?

A: Dessert Oasis stands out for its commitment to ethical sourcing, craft coffee, and creating a unique music-listening experience.

Q: Can customers purchase Dessert Oasis coffee beans online?

A: Yes, customers can visit the official Takeout Food website to explore and purchase a variety of coffee beans available from Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters.


Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a passionate culinary endeavor rooted in love for coffee, music, and community. From their humble beginnings to their current headquarters, Dessert Oasis has upheld its commitment to quality and creativity. Whether it’s savoring a perfectly roasted cup of coffee or indulging in their fresh confections, Dessert Oasis invites you to join their delightful culinary journey.

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