Dessert Jessica Simpson: A Sweet, Yet Short-Lived Beauty Line

dessert jessica simpson
dessert jessica simpson

Image: Jessica Simpson Dessert

Remember the early 2000s, when pop star Jessica Simpson graced the beauty industry with her unique line of edible beauty products? Dessert, the trailblazing collection, offered a range of “kissable and taste-able” items, including lip gloss, body cream, fragrances, hair and body mist, shampoo, and body wash. Let’s dive into the rise and fall of this sweet venture.

A Sensual, Edible Delight

At its core, Dessert targeted young girls, but its marketing leaned heavily towards a hyper-sexualized tone. Product titles like “Trya My Papaya” and “Delicious Kissable Hot Body Topping” exuded a provocative vibe. Instructions for the 8oz Whipped Body Cream with Candy Sprinkles even encouraged users to “slather it on yourself or a friend to be completely smoochable and delectable.”

Naturally, Jessica Simpson and her then-husband, Nick Lachey—member of the popular group 98 Degrees—were the sweet and seductive models for the brand. They showcased the products in promotional photos and events, embodying the sensuality Dessert aimed to evoke.

Lawsuits and Legal Troubles

Unfortunately, despite its initial success, Dessert faced its fair share of legal challenges. In 2004, a cosmetics manufacturing company called Cosmojet sued Simpson, Dessert Beauty Inc., and Sephora for allegedly owing them $200,000 for products already manufactured.

Another lawsuit followed in 2006, when Mara Fox, the creator of a fragrance line called “Love Potion,” filed a lawsuit against Dessert Beauty for using the same term. Although Fox lost the case, it further tarnished the brand’s reputation.

Quirky Controversies

Beyond the legal battles, Dessert faced other peculiar controversies. One customer claimed to have developed a yeast infection after using the Butterscotch Toffee Body Wash, while another reviewer suggested that the Deliciously Kissable Belly Button Love Potion Fragrance attracted bees. These incidents added to the brand’s turbulent journey.

Image: Jessica Simpson Dessert products

The Taste of Nostalgia

In an episode of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s MTV reality show, “Newlyweds,” Simpson can be seen taste-testing the Dessert products during a promotional photo shoot. After hours of posing with the cupcake-flavored lip glosses and ingesting the product, Simpson falls ill, resulting in the cancellation of the shoot. Although it remains unclear whether her illness was linked to overindulging in the line, the episode concludes with Simpson attributing her sickness to a “24-hour flu.”

Despite its popularity and impact, Dessert gradually faded away. However, the excessively sweet flavors and saccharine scents remain nostalgic reminders of a bold and creative foray into edible beauty products.

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Q: Are there any other edible beauty products on the market?

A: While Dessert may have paved the way for edible beauty products, there are still a few brands that offer similar items. For example, Lush Cosmetics offers lip scrubs that taste like delicious treats such as bubblegum and popcorn. However, edible beauty products remain a niche and are not as prevalent as traditional cosmetics.

Q: What can we learn from the rise and fall of Dessert?

A: Dessert’s journey teaches us the importance of finding the right balance between innovation, marketing, and responsible product development. As consumers, it’s essential to consider the overall message a brand conveys and the potential impact it may have on different audiences. While Dessert may have faltered, it certainly left its mark as a unique and memorable venture in the beauty industry.

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