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New users, or users with a library full of free games, may not know how to buy a game on Steam. Therere two ways about it: using the Steam Wallet or using a payment method.

Steam is available in every country. However, Steams payment methods are region-specific, so you can try Steam Wallet. This is far less complicated as you can bypass your lack of payment options.

What is a Steam Wallet?

The Steam Wallet is a digital tool that allows users to add funds to their accounts. Users can then use these funds to buy a game on Steam or anything else within the platform.

Moreover, users can also use Steam Wallet funds for in-game purchases, but only on games supporting Steam transactions.

Therere two ways to add funds to your Steam wallet:

  1. Via your payment method
  2. Via a Steam gift card.

How to Add Money to the Steam Wallet?

Steam allows you to add funds into the Steam Wallet with your payment method of choice.

Then, you can use the funds to buy a game on Steam – Pay $50 worth of Steam funds; use $50 on Steam.

  1. Go to Account Detailsaccount-detailsClick on your Steam profile at the top right corner. Then, click on Account Details.
  2. Click on +Add Funds to Your Steam Walletadd-funds-to-steamOn the right panel, click on the +Add Funds option.
  3. Choose the amountadd-fundsTheres no way to add a specific amount of funds into the Steam Wallet; you can only choose one of the options. So, click on the Add Funds button right next to the amount youre willing to buy (for example, $50).
  4. Choose your payment method:paypal-payment-methodAfter you press Add Funds, youll see the available options. After you select your choice, click Continue. If you havent added a payment method, Steam will ask you to add one.
  5. Confirm and pay:paypal optionSteam will ask you to confirm your credentials. In particular, if you choose a digital wallet, youll see the brands icon at the lower right. Therefore, click on the icon to confirm your credentials.

How Do I Check My Steam Wallet?

Your Steam Wallet funds are readily available through the app or the website.

  1. Click on your profile at the top rightview my walletYou can see your Steam Wallet funds on your profiles drop-down menu. Click on View my wallet.
  2. Click on View my Walletview your steam wallet fundsView Your Wallet takes you to the familiar Add Funds menu. Your funds are on the right side of the panel.

How to Take Money Out of My Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallet funds are non-refundable. It means you cant withdraw it as real money. Instead, you can only use it on Steam purchases.

That said, Steam uses the funds on your Steam Wallet automatically before any payment method. For example, if you buy a $20 game and have $10 worth of funds in your wallet, Steam will use these $10 funds and charge $10 to your credit card or digital bank.

What is a Steam Wallet Gift Card?

Steam Wallet Codes and Gift Cards are physical or digital gift certificates. You can redeem them on Steam to purchase software, games, and game content.

In essence, they add funds to your Steam Wallet. Moreover, you can gift a Wallet Code to someone else by buying it directly in the store.

How to Gift Steam Wallet Funds?

Heres how you can gift funds to someone elses Steam Wallet.

  1. Search for Steam Gift Card on the appsteam gift cardAs usual, you can do the process on the app or the website. Youre to type Steam Gift Card on the search bar and select the appropriate option.
  2. Select Send through Steamsend steam gift cardThen, select Send through Steam. It allows you to buy the Steam Gift Card for someone else and pay it either with your funds or your payment methods.
  3. Select the amountselect fundsAs before, you cant choose a specific amount. Instead, click on the option youd like to gift.
  4. Choose your friendchoose friend and continueClick on the friend youd like to surprise on the list, and click on continue. You cant add a friend by this point.
  5. Type a messagemessage gift steamType your name, a message, and a signature for the gift receiver. Then, click on continue.
  6. Select your payment method and payAs before, confirm your purchase to complete the process.

How to Enter a Steam Wallet Code?

Wallet Codes are Steam gift cards. By typing their codes on the platform, you can add a certain amount of funds to the store.

Gift Cards have a code for the amount of money you pay. So, if its a $50 gift card, you input the code into your Steam account for $50 worth of Steam funds.

Depending on where you live, you may find Steam gift cards in convenience stores and video-game stores. Otherwise, you may find them on online stores like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, or Mercadolibre (Latin-America).

If the gift card is not of your stores same currency, Steam will automatically convert the funds. Yet, some currencies are not available in some regions, so you may encounter an error.

Either way, they present an option for those who dont have a readily available payment method. Whereas Steam doesnt accept a credit card or digital bank you have, other stores and people may. Thus, you could buy Steam gift cards if you cant use your payments directly at Steam.

Heres an official FAQ for additional doubts. Additionally, heres a guide on where to buy Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes.

  1. Go to the Account Details menu
  2. Click on the +Add Funds option
  3. Click on the Redeem a Steam Card optionredeem-steam-codeYou will see the redeeming option on the right-hand side.
  4. Type the code:steam-gift-card-wallet-codeLastly, type the code on the bar and click continue. It will add the proper funds to your account.

How to Add a Payment Method to Steam?

steam payment method

Finally, you can add as many payment methods onto Steam before buying anything. It saves time, and it gives you options.

In essence, each time you Buy or Add funds, Steam will prompt one of the methods you installed.

  1. Go to the Account Details menu
  2. Add a payment methodadd-a-payment-methodClick on Add a Payment Method on the right panel. Payment methods depend on your region.
  3. Add a payment methodpayment-methods-alternativesClick on the first bar to check the alternatives available in your regional store. For example, I see various credit card brands on my list, but I cant see Paypal as I already added the digital bank.
  4. Type your payment method detailstype-account-detailsFinally, type your account details, for example, your credit card data. After typing the information, press Continue and finish the process.

How to Buy a Game on Steam?

The store allows you to input a payment method when purchasing a game. However, you cant add funds to the wallet at that point.

That said, herere the steps to buy a game on Steam:

  1. Open your Steam app go to Storesteam open storeGo to Steams Store tab. You can buy games on the Steam app or the website. If you go through the website, the store may ask you to log in, once again, at the moment of the purchase.
  2. Select your gamehalf lifeYou can browse the game you want on the search bar, genre, top charts, or the home screen. Once you select the game, like Half-Life: Alyx, click on it to open its page.
  3. Click on the Add to Cart optionadd to cart game on steamScroll down the page and select the version youd like to buy. Then, press the Add to Cart option.
  4. Select Purchase for myself on your cartpurchase for myselfYoull see the option to buy the game for yourself or purchase the game on Steam as a gift. Press the appropriate option.
  5. Select your payment method and paypayment methodOn the next page, select your payment method, write your credentials, and pay on the next page. Steam will save the payment method automatically after your purchase. However, you can add it beforehand (or add various) for your convenience.
  6. Confirm and payconfirm and pay buy game on steamPress continue after you select the method, confirm, and pay.

Related Questions

Payment Methods on Steam

Steam offers different payment methods for each country and region. Youd have to follow our tutorial to find out the options available in your country.

Worldwide, though, youd find the following options:

  • PayPal.
  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover.
  • JCB.

Some regional stores may offer digital bank accounts, ecoins, and other banks as payment methods.

Lastly, the options are the same to buy a game on Steam or add funds onto the Steam wallet.

Can I Change the Country of My Steam Store?

If you move out to another country, you can change the region once you get a billing address.

Changing the address on Steam is mostly automatic. Once Steam detects youre using the store in a new region, it will prompt an option to change your address and payment method.

However, if your new payment method is of the same currency as your older region, Steam will ask you to update your address once you complete a new purchase.

How Do I Check My Cart?

cart steam

When you press Add to Card, Steam adds the items on a cart you can check at any time. These items remain there until you make the purchase.

You can access the cart by going to the app (or website), then the Store app, and clicking on the Cart green bar at the right.

How Do I Delete Items From My Cart?

remove from set

You can press the tiny Remove button underneath the games price to delete it from your cart. The option is within the Cart panel.

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