Cake Queen Spawn Time

cake queen spawn time
cake queen spawn time

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? In the world of Takeout Food, there’s a legendary boss known as the Cake Queen, and today we will uncover the secrets of her spawn time. So, put on your chef’s hat and let’s dive in!

How to Enter the Fourth Sea

Before you can encounter the Cake Queen, there are a few prerequisites you must meet:

  1. Reach Level 2400 (Keep in mind that the maximum level cap is currently 3000).
  2. Defeat Rip_Indra, Cake Prince, and Cake Queen.

Once you have successfully vanquished these formidable bosses and attained level 2400, head to the mansion. As you explore, you’ll notice a door on one side that mysteriously opens. Step inside, and you’ll encounter an NPC (we don’t have a name for them yet). Engage in a conversation, and they will request a fruit worth more than 1 million.

Upon presenting this prized fruit, a dialogue will appear, challenging you to prove your strength by defeating three players and claiming their bounties. Remember, these victories do not have to be consecutive. After successfully gathering the bounties, return to the NPC and receive their praise: “Very well, you’ve proved yourself worthy. I shall guide you.” With those words, you will venture into the fourth sea.

Exploring the Fourth Sea

Welcome to the Fourth Sea, filled with enchanting islands and thrilling quests. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key locations you’ll encounter:

Black Kingdom (Germa 66)

The Black Kingdom is your first stop in the Fourth Sea. Resembling a grand castle, this circular island offers quests ranging from levels 2400 to 2600. Prepare to face challenging NPCs such as Failed Experiments (level 2450), Trained Soldiers (level 2575), Elite Assassins (level 2525), and the formidable Court (boss, level 2565). The inhabitants of this kingdom utilize combat skills, haki, and superhuman abilities.

Ancient Land (Wano)

The Ancient Land comprises four distinct parts:

  1. Dead Wasteland: This desolate area houses the port and lacks quests. However, you’ll find chests scattered abundantly throughout.

  2. Basalt Prison: The Basalt Prison is home to a friendly arena and quest givers ranging from levels 2625 to 2725. Expect encounters with Prisoners (level 2675), Gang Members (level 2705), and Prison Guards (level 2750), who employ combat skills, haki, and pipe weaponry.

  3. Petal City: A bustling hub within the Ancient Land, Petal City offers a variety of services. Here, you can trade, purchase random fruits, check stock, change haki stage and color, reset stats and race, and explore various shops. While no quests are available here, Petal City serves as the central hub for the fourth sea.

  4. Dragon Island: This extraordinary island rests upon a colossal dragon skull. The quests offered on Dragon Island range from levels 2775 to 2875 and involve challenges from Smilers (level 2775), Beast Pirates (level 2825), and the mighty Dragon Lord (level 2900). The Dragon Lord wields a mace with haki and dragon abilities, and stands approximately 1.5 times larger than a player’s model.

Dense Forest (Special Random Island)

Venture into the Dense Forest, an island exclusive to the “Advanced Fruit Dealer.” Additionally, the forest is teeming with playful monkeys ranging from level 100 to level 200 for some lighthearted fun.

Random Islands

Throughout the Fourth Sea, you’ll come across approximately 14 random islands. These diverse islands vary in size, from the likes of “Usoapp’s Island” to the expansive “Monkey Island” in the first sea. These islands are brimming with chests, waiting to be discovered and plundered.

Mount Peak (God Valley)

Prepare yourself for an epic challenge as you ascend Mount Peak, an island as high as the “Haunted Castle” and as vast as “Hydra Island.” At the summit, you will encounter the Pirate King, a level 3100 raid boss. With his advanced saber, haki, and observation skills (allowing him five dodges), he poses a formidable threat. The Pirate King spawns every five hours with a golden message proclaiming, “The Man himself has arrived, only the best can meet him.” Defeating him may reward you with his coat or a legendary straw hat.

Mysterious Land (Laugh Tale)

Rarely appearing while sailing the sea, the Mysterious Land is a small island akin to Mirage Island but slightly smaller than Monkey Island in the first sea. Explore its many caves and empty spaces to discover a single large chest. Once opened, it may contain a minimum of 1 million or a maximum of 3 million in riches. Collecting this treasure grants you the prestigious title “Tales from the past.” Keep an eye out for scattered Poneglyphs across the island before it vanishes after approximately 10 minutes.


Q: Are there more islands to explore in the Fourth Sea?

A: Absolutely! The Fourth Sea is a treasure trove of culinary wonders. From the Black Kingdom and Ancient Land to the Dense Forest and Mount Peak, there are countless islands to discover, each with its own challenges and rewards.

Q: Can I share my progress with other culinary enthusiasts?

A: Certainly! Takeout Food provides a vibrant community of like-minded food aficionados who are eager to hear about your culinary exploits. Join the conversation on the official Takeout Food website here and share your unforgettable adventures in the Fourth Sea.


The Cake Queen’s spawn time is a culmination of culinary conquests and strategic preparations. With these insights at your disposal, you’re now equipped to venture into the Fourth Sea, explore its captivating islands, and face the formidable Cake Queen. Remember to savor every moment, celebrate culinary excellence, and let the spirit of Takeout Food guide you on this extraordinary gastronomic journey. Bon app├ętit!

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