Best mortar for shower pan

Mortar for shower pans are an important part of any home. The mortar is a mixture of sand, cement, water and sometimes additives that helps hold the tiles in place.

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Your toilet’s ground has a bathe pan that’s waterproof and collects water then directs it to the drain. The bathe pan must be put in accurately to assist the burden of the customers and maintain the underlying layers from harm by the water. The correct mortar combine for the bathe pan determines how good the pan might be. If you happen to make a mistake with this one, you danger destroying the entire bathe ground.

One of the best mortar for bathe pans is a combination of sand and Portland cement because it creates a water resistant barrier that may assist the burden of the bathe unit and the customers. You may create your individual with Portland cement and fantastic sand (1:5) and 4 quarts water for 80 lb. of the combination.

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What mortar to make use of for bathe pan

Mortar is most popular for bathe pans over different choices similar to concrete and cement on condition that it bonds higher to different surfaces and is extra moldable. One of the best mortar combine for bathe pans comprises sand and Portland cement. It will create a water resistant barrier that can assist the burden of the bathe ground and its customers.

Varieties of MortarElements

There are three foremost sorts of mortar for bathe pans as follows:

1. Quikrete Flooring Mud

The Quikrete Flooring Mud is a concrete combine manufactured by QUIKRETE which is prepared to be used in creating bathe pans, slate, travertine, and marble ground tiles. When blended with water, it creates a easy and water resistant floor which is good for bathe pans.

You don’t must calculate any of the substances with the Quikrete mortar combine for bathe pans since they’ve been calculated for you. Simply pour the combo right into a container then add water (4 quarts for every 80 lb. bag) earlier than making use of it to the bathe ground.

The advantages of utilizing Quikrete Flooring Mud embrace the truth that you’ll be able to use it each indoors and outside, you don’t must calculate the components, it supplies a powerful end result (5000 psi compressive power as soon as absolutely cured), and is straightforward to kind the specified form of the ground. The one draw back is that it’s not simply out there.

How lengthy ought to mud mattress treatment earlier than tiling?

A mud mattress must treatment for at the least 28 days earlier than tiling. This ensures that it’s waterproof and has the required compressive power to retain its form and integrity when in use.

What number of baggage of mortar for bathe pan?

It depends upon the scale of the bathe ground. So long as the ground has between 2 and three inches of thickness on the thickest locations and at the least 2 inches of thickness on the thinnest, it will likely be sufficient.

2. Quikrete Sand/Topping Combine

This sand topping combine for bathe pans, additionally by Quikrete, is constructed from a mixture of Portland cement, business grade sands, and different elements. Not like Quikrete Flooring Mud whose substances are constant, the quantity of water wanted for the Quikrete Sand/Topping Combine depends upon the elements used to kind it. The producer will at all times point out that on the baggage.

3. Sakrete Sand Combine

Sakrete Sand Combine is product of Portland cement and concrete sand and is a well-liked various to the above choices from Quikrete. Apart from the bathe pan, it may be used for walks, steps, and leveling flooring each indoors and outside.

4. DIY Bathe Pan Mortar Mattress

You may make your individual bathe pan concrete combine utilizing sand, cement, and water. Combine 1 a part of Portland cement with 5 components of fantastic sand. For each 80 lbs. of this combine, add 4 quarts of water.

Your individual bathe base mortar may seem to be a less expensive choice but it surely’s often not so good as the business alternate options. Each Quikrete Flooring Mud and Quikrete Sand/Topping Combine don’t price a lot but they’re simpler to work with and supply higher outcomes than DIY choices.

Bathe pan mortar consistency

All of the bathe ground mortar mixes above must have the identical consistency to acquire the most effective outcomes. As soon as blended, you need to be capable to kind a ball with the combo in your palm. The ball ought to maintain its form however launch some water when squeezed.

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If the ball collapses by itself, it’s too moist and you need to add extra of the dry combine. If it retains its form however doesn’t launch water when squeezed or crumbles aside, it’s too dry and desires extra water to be added.

Bathe pan mixes: comparability

Quikrete Flooring MudQuikrete Sand/Topping Combine

Bathe pan materials

When you lay the mortar mattress on your bathe, the bathe pan you put in on high could be constructed from the next supplies:


An acrylic bathe pan is constructed from modified plastic beneath strain and warmth to kind a single piece that’s massive sufficient to suit your toilet ground.


Whereas tile is very engaging, it additionally requires lots of ability and care to make sure it supplies a water-proof seal for the remainder of the ground. It additionally requires upkeep regularly to keep up its integrity. When putting in tiles because the bathe pan, make sure the mortar mattress is at the least 2 inches thick on the outer edges of the ground and it reduces in direction of the bathe drain to permit water to move to the drain.


Fiberglass bathe pans are created from polymer reins which have been strengthened with woven glass fibers. Though cheaper than the alternate options, they’re extra prone to get scratches and stains.

Composite supplies

A mix of various supplies can be utilized to create a bathe pan whose qualities will rely upon the supplies used. For instance, acrylic could be strengthened with fiberglass to make a greater bathe pan than the person supplies.

For the preformed bathe pans similar to these constructed from fiberglass, acrylic, and composite supplies, the producer wants to supply the thickness wanted for the pan to carry out accurately.

When putting in all of some of these bathe pans, comply with the EPA’s tips on moisture management on buildings to make sure there’s no water leaking into the remainder of the constructing if you’re achieved.

The best way to set up a mortared bathe pan

For this train, you want premixed mortar, drill, paddle, drill screw attachments, wooden screws, bucket, pipe wrench, degree, silicone, waterproof membrane, knife, waterproofing membrane, and steel lath. Be sure the plumbing is already carried out and the bathe has a bathe drain and a drain entice earlier than putting in the bathe pan. Your bathe wants a P-trap to maintain sewer gases out of the home.

Set up the mortared bathe pan as follows:

1. Body the bathe stall

Select an space for the brand new bathe stall ensuring the drain has been reduce out. If the subfloor is shaky, change it with a ¾-inch piece of exterior plywood. Use pressure-treated wooden planks to create the underside plates for the bathe stall.

The studs for the partitions ought to be centered on the underside plates at intervals of 16 inches. Use 3-inch decking screws to lock the underside plates to the ground. Assist the edges of the membrane with 2×10 toenail blocking between the studs.

Use 3 pressure-treated planks of wooden at 2×4 inches to kind the curb of the lavatory.

You may skip this step in case you are reinstalling the bathe pan in an previous toilet establishing a brand new bathe pan in a rest room.

2. Coat the decrease facet of the drain with silicone

Use silicone beads to coat the within and outdoors of the bolt circle of the drain on the ground.

3. Coat the drain with cement and PVC primer

Coat the within of the drain with cement and a PVC primer then twist the drain onto the waste line within the ground. After the cement has dried up, insert the drain bolts into the decrease drain plate. Depart about ¾ inches of the drain bolts uncovered.

4. Lower and match the steel lath and felt to the ground

Measure the scale of the bathe ground then reduce a 15-pound piece of felt to suit this measurement. Place it on the ground then staple it in place. Utilizing the identical measurements, reduce a steel lath then additionally staple it on the ground. Be sure there aren’t any bumps on the lath and felt. The steel lath supplies a foothold for the mortar combine.

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Subsequent, reduce a round gap across the drain gap. The opening ought to be at the least an inch wider than the scale of the opening to permit for the following steps.

5. Combine and apply dry deck mud

Observe the directions on the mortar combine to combine sufficient for the entire toilet ground. Use a latex additive to combine the dry deck mud as an alternative of water. Plug the drain gap with a chunk of fabric then pour the combo onto the ground. Evenly unfold it out with a wooden float then enable it to dry in a single day.

6. Measure and apply the waterproof membrane

Measure the waterproof membrane such that it’s 9 inches bigger than the ground on the edges and 16 inches bigger on the curb of the lavatory ground. You may make bigger items of the waterproof membrane by solvent-welding items collectively. The world across the drain ought to be strengthened by solvent-welding one other piece of the membrane on the unique one (about 10 inches in diameter).

Lay the membrane onto the ground, easy out any air bubbles in it then staple it onto the ground to safe it. Do the identical for the surplus components of the membrane which can stand up on the wall and curb. Solvent-weld the items then staple them to the wall and curb.

7. Mark and reduce out the bolts across the drain

Really feel the ground over the membrane then mark with an X over every bolt across the drain gap. Use a pointy knife to chop an X over the bolts to show them. Unscrew the bolts in readiness for putting in the higher drain plate.

8. Lower the membrane and set up the higher drain plate

Really feel the world between the bolts then reduce out the drain gap precisely across the gap and no bigger. Place the higher drain plate into the opening ensuring it aligns with the screw holes round it. Screw the bolts to safe the drain plate over the drain gap.

9. Verify and repair leaks

Plug the drain gap then fill the bathe pan with water 3 inches deep then wait for twenty-four hours. If the water degree is similar, your pan is watertight. If not, it could have leaked both by way of a unfastened drain gap, punctures within the membrane, or the edges.

Tighten the drain gap bolts then repair any punctures utilizing a patch of the membrane and glue. For the edges of the bathe ground, solvent-weld the membrane to the wall then anticipate the solvent to dry up.

Take a look at for leaks once more.

10. Set up a strainer on the drain

Wrap Teflon tape (plumber’s tape) across the threads of the strainer then screw it into the drain gap’s flange. Cowl it with masking tape to guard it from thinset and mortar within the subsequent steps.

11. Add a water-proof membrane

Apply a water-proof membrane on the wall of the lavatory such that it covers at the least 3 inches of the membrane from the ground and components of the wall.

If the lavatory might be product of wood partitions, ensure the entire of the wall is roofed on this waterproof membrane. For bogs with glass or concrete partitions, a small layer of the waterproof membrane is sufficient.

12. Lower and set up the backerboard

Lower backerboard to the scale of the partitions then place it on shims ½ inches in measurement then fasten the screws to the partitions with backerboard screws. The screws ought to stay on the high inch of the flooring membrane to scale back punctures which can result in leaks.

As soon as the backerboard is screwed into place, take away the shims then fill the areas on the backside with caulk and thinset.

13. Apply mortar and a steel lath

Mark on the partitions with a pencil 3 inches from the ground. Measure the gap from the partitions to the drain gap then calculate the slope to ¼ inches for each horizontal foot (1ft). Apply a layer of mortar adopted by a steel lath and one other layer of mortar whereas sustaining the slope in direction of the drain.

14. Lay the ground tiles

After the mortar is dry (in a single day), scrape off any bumps and imperfections on the ground then evenly unfold a layer of thinset on it. Press the tiles into the thinset consistent with the slope of the lavatory. Smaller tiles are higher at conforming to the slope of the lavatory than bigger ones. Let the tiles treatment in a single day then apply grout in-between the tiles and across the edges the place the tiles meet the partitions.

After the grout is dry, set up the bathe panel and the opposite components of the bathe as required. Discover ways to clear a bathe stall to maintain it in fine condition.

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