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Have any bizarre or fixed meals cravings throughout being pregnant? Why not toss across the thought of naming your candy babe after one among these scrumptious meals. On the very least, this record of food-inspired child names might show useful in determining what to have for a snack.

1. Barry/Berry Like most names, this one has totally different meanings in numerous cultures. In Gaelic, Barry is a male-given identify that means “spear.” In English tradition, the rugged identify means “fair-haired.” We like to think about it as that means “fat, juicy fruit.”

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2. Clementine Which means “mercy” or “clemency,” that is one candy identify. It’s a basic, old-timey identify, too. Does the lyric “Oh my darling, Clementine” ring a bell?

3. Cocoa/Coco Maybe most nicely often called the moniker of the lady behind the French design home Chanel, this identify originated as a pet identify—oh, my candy Coco! Enjoyable reality: Coco Chanel’s actual identify was Gabrielle Chanel.

4. Kale Historically, this identify has been the shortened model of Kaleb and Kaley. However due to the recognition of the leafy superfood, many dad and mom are naming their candy babes Kale.

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5. Hazel Okay, possibly this can be a little bit of a stretch, however we derived Hazel from hazelnut and assume it’s so lovely. The old school identify means “commander.” Julia Roberts’s daughter dons the identify and, extra not too long ago, Emily Blunt, selected this identify for her new babe—she says her and her husband like “old-lady names.” In popular culture, the heroine from The Fault in Our Stars rocks the identify.

6. Chuck Generally a shortened type of Charles, this identify has English and German roots. Well-known Chucks embrace rock ’n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry and basketball participant Chuck Taylor, who impressed the enduring kicks. It’s additionally the identify of a scrumptious minimize of steak. Mmm!

7. Sherry In French, chéri means “dear one” or “darling” (Stevie Marvel’s “My Cherie Amour,” anybody?). For our functions, it’s a Spanish wine. Deal with your self to some after you get that child out, Momma!

8. Colby/Colbie Does anybody else get hungry once they meet somebody with this identify? In the event you weren’t already conscious, Colby cheese (named for town in Wisconsin the place it was invented) is scrumptious. The identify itself positively isn’t tacky—simply ask Colbie Caillat.

9. Cherry This identify doesn’t actually have any profound that means past “delicious, pitted fruit.”

10. Reuben The Hebrew identify means “behold, a son.” Extra generally—like, say, on the deli—a Reuben is heat corned beef with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese sandwiched between toasted rye bread. Having a craving? Sorry….

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11. Olive Olive is the feminine model of Oliver, and we predict it’s past adorbs as a child identify. Well-known Olives embrace Drew Barrymore’s daughter and Isla Fisher’s babe.

12. Peach/Peaches Identified principally as a nickname, Princess Peach from Nintendo’s Mario is one cool chick.

13. Rosemary The old-timey identify is Latin primarily based and talked about in Greek mythology and Shakespeare’s Hamlet. George Clooney’s aunt (who was fairly well-known in her personal proper—White Christmas, guys!) wore the identify nicely. Horror buffs will probably be conversant in the moniker from the ebook/film Rosemary’s Child. And foodies will probably be conversant in it as a aromatic herb.

14. Maple Identified for his or her hearty energy and candy syrup, maple bushes characterize nice traits for just a little woman. This identify isn’t quite common—but—however it was catapulted into the highlight by Jason Bateman after the arrival of his little lady, Maple Sylvie, in 2012.

15. Benedict Listening to the identify Benedict used to conjure up ideas of brunch and the weekend, however now it in all probability makes your knees tremble as you image heartthrob and good man Benedict Cumberbatch. The identify itself is historical—it’s a Latin identify that means “blessed.”

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