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Wholesome, pleased hens lay extra eggs. Has it been confirmed scientifically? I don’t know, however from my expertise, a wholesome hen will produce extra eggs than an unhealthy, depressing hen. Hen treats could make your hens pleased and wholesome.

Clearly, we are able to’t pace up the ‘egg clock’, however by protecting your hens in tip-top situation, you may guarantee they are going to be producing high-quality eggs with out depleting their physique reserves an excessive amount of.

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We all know that hens want a lot of calcium and protein to put plenty of eggs, so giving them an additional enhance can assist to maintain optimum general well being.

While most of your hen’s dietary necessities shall be met by their common layers pellets, a bit of deal with every now and then will assist enhance their egg-laying!

We’ve additionally shared our favourite wholesome treats for chickens, however right now we’re going to take a look at treats that can assist your ladies lay extra of these treasured eggs!

chicken treats


Maybe probably the most beloved of all treats, mealworms- they include over 50% protein!

DIY Chicken Mealworm Farm
Right here is my do-it-yourself mealworm farm

I’m certain my ladies would battle to the loss of life for his or her mealworms. When the deal with bag is shaken, they arrive working from all corners of the yard!

A few teaspoon every hen/day is sufficient- don’t take heed to what the hens might inform you.

An excessive amount of protein can have a nasty impact on their kidneys.

Mealworms can get very costly if you happen to’re feeding them to your hens every single day. That’s why we made our personal mealworm farm for lower than $50!

Eggs and Eggshells

Actually? Sure certainly! Eggs are filled with goodness.

When you’ve got a poorly hen or one that appears a bit underneath the climate, whip up some scrambled eggs for her- you may as well take a look at our article on consuming eggs to see how nutritious an egg actually is!

Eggshells are filled with calcium. I bake the shells within the oven for about half an hour at 350F, after which when they’re cool I crush them up into items.

Crushed Egg Shell
Eggshells are prepared for the chickens to eat.

The baking course of kills off any salmonella or different bugs lurking within the shells.

As we all know, hens are good, so guarantee they will’t acknowledge an eggshell as eggshell, in any other case, they could begin egg-eating which is one thing you don’t wish to occur!

To keep away from this simply make sure that the eggshells are well-baked then crushed.


Dandelion leaves, chickweed, kale, cabbage are all excessive in nutritional vitamins and minerals that the hen wants to take care of good general well being.

I’ll usually dig up dandelions and toss them into the brooder coops (with filth connected) for the youthful chicks to snack on.

Chickens eating dandelion leaves
Listed below are the chickens consuming dandelion leaves…

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When you free-range or pasture your women, they’ll fortunately pattern grass, dandelions, and chickweed all on their very own. These are tasty, nutritious morsels for them.

Filling a suet feeder with cabbage leaves, kale, and different greens can assist to maintain confined birds busy and wholesome, particularly within the winter months.

While greens will assist enhance the variety of eggs your hens lay, it’s worthwhile to ensure you have the proper breed that naturally lays a lot of eggs.

Watermelon and Fruit

Fruit is a wholesome snack to your girls- sparsely.

An extra of strawberries as an example may cause diarrhea. Be warned that consuming blueberries will flip their poop blue!

Excessive in vitamin C, A, B1, and B6 and antioxidants, watermelon is a favourite deal with for a lot of hens. They are going to peck at it for hours- an added bonus is that melon and watermelon each have excessive water content material.

On a sizzling summers’ day, chilly watermelon from the fridge will assist to make sure your hens will get sufficient water and keep cool.

Pumpkins within the Fall will preserve your hens busy for ages. They like to peck at these colourful treats.

My hens are choosy, so I normally prepare dinner a halved pumpkin within the oven for about half-hour, let it cool then feed to the chickens.

Bear in mind: Giving your hen treats could be a superb factor, however please don’t overfeed them. An overweight hen shouldn’t be a wholesome hen!

Japanese Beetles

Are you uninterested in these pesky bugs consuming your roses and every little thing else within the backyard?

I wander round my yard with a jar, handpicking them off the flowers and veggies (the neighbors assume I’m odd).

As soon as I’m achieved, I put the jar within the fridge for a few hours. This can sluggish the bugs down so the chickens can catch them.

Then the ladies squabble over the pile of bugs I give them- apparently I by no means decide sufficient!

Sunflower Seeds

To your hens to get probably the most out of sunflower seeds, they need to be hulled. The outer coat is thick and hard so a lot of the protein and fat stay locked contained in the shell.

Sunflower seed

It has additionally been reported that the sunflower shells may cause crop issues, so finest to keep away from the shells all collectively!

It is a very low cost snack and will certainly preserve your ladies occupied for some time.

Scratch Grains

Scratch grains are precisely what they say- grains that may be scattered to encourage the ladies to scratch and dig.

Whereas chickens love their scratch grain, it needs to be famous that an excessive amount of may cause weight problems in hens. The dietary content material in scratch grains is low- solely 8% protein and 4.5% fiber.

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It ought to primarily be used as a coaching device, occasional deal with, and winter complement.

Cracked Corn

Also called ‘Chicken Crack’, cracked corn is by far certainly one of our chickens’ favourite snacks.

Cracked corn

They love cracked corn, little question about it.

Nonetheless, like scratch, it needs to be fed sparingly since it’s low in protein.

I take advantage of it within the wintertime simply earlier than roosting time. An consumption of corn helps to spice up the our bodies’ metabolism and so helps to maintain the hen heat in a single day.

Scrambled Eggs

Okay, this one could also be a bit of creepy for some hen lovers. However scrambled eggs have tons of protein!

And in case your birds are sick, recovering from brooding, or a protracted winter, scrambled eggs will present an intense protein enhance to assist get them by the powerful occasions (thus rising their manufacturing talents).

When my chickens are molting, they’re careworn and sickly. They normally expend much more power on staying heat within the cooler months of fall. So, that is the perfect time to deal with them with heat scrambled eggs. They LOVE it.

Hopefully, your chickens will get by the molt quicker, and get again to laying eggs regularly.

When you plan it proper, you may collect your shells and scrambled eggs all of sudden and provides your chooks an actual deal with.

Simply ensure you feed your chickens scrambled eggs, and never eggs immediately in uncooked kind (NOT immediately from the egg).

As soon as your hens get a style of a uncooked egg, they received’t wish to cease consuming their very own eggs. So don’t tempt them, and preserve egg treats cooked.

Be aware: In case your chickens have tried these treats and nonetheless aren’t laying they could have an egg-laying drawback.

Abstract on Hen Treats

So now the particular treats to provide your hens a wholesome enhance and assist help them in coming out these nutritious, scrumptious eggs.

Usually, a hen takes 24-27 hours to provide an egg. There is no such thing as a method to pace up the process- Mom Nature dictates this.

The most effective we hen servants can do is preserve them pleased and wholesome with treats which are tasty and that they take pleasure in.

Their vocal happiness whereas they’re gobbling up the treats at all times makes me smile.

Do you could have particular treats to your hens? We’d love to listen to from you…

Treats That Will Make Your Hens Lay More Eggs

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