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  • We tried mashed potatoes from six totally different fast-food eating places.
  • We tried Popeyes, El Pollo Loco, Culver’s, Church’s Hen, KFC, and Boston Market.
  • The winner was Boston Market.

Nothing is sort of as comforting as a cup of mashed potatoes and gravy, however some fast-food chains make it higher than others.

To unravel which is greatest, we tried mashed potato sides from six fast-food chains. Every restaurant we tried was ranked in Restaurant Enterprise’s top-100 chain eating places of 2017.

This is what we tried:

  • Popeyes
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Culver’s
  • Church’s Hen
  • KFC
  • Boston Market

For consistency’s sake, we ordered the smallest choice at each restaurant (known as “small,” “individual,” or “regular”) and tried the potatoes and gravy individually and collectively to grade each elements.

This is how they measured up.

Popeyes had one of many most cost-effective potato dishes

Popeyes mashed potatoes and gravy are a few of the most cost-effective.

A “regular” measurement of mashed potatoes and gravy was $1.99. However you just about simply bought one scoop of potatoes for that, and the least quantity of gravy from all of the locations we visited.

The gravy was spicy

The gravy from Popeyes was surprisingly spicy.

Should you’re on the lookout for conventional mashed potatoes you would possibly need to skip Popeyes, because it breaks the mould with its Cajun gravy. It isn’t that the flavour was dangerous; it was simply sudden. The potatoes themselves tasted fairly plain, however the spice from the gravy did amp that up.

El Pollo Loco had the costliest mashed potatoes

The mashed potatoes from El Pollo Loco have been the costliest choice.

The hen chain offered its “small” aspect of potatoes and gravy for $2.99. Regardless of the excessive worth, the flavour made this one of many higher choices on this listing.

The potatoes have been fluffy and properly seasoned

El Pollo Loco potatoes and gravy have been completely seasoned.

You can most likely even eat the potatoes with out gravy — they held their very own. The gravy, which was a lot thicker than the opposite eating places’, added additional richness to the potatoes. Nevertheless it was fairly salty, so if that is not your factor, be warned.

Culver’s makes gluey potatoes

Culver mashed potatoes have been gluey and the gravy smelled like beef ramen.

Culver’s is not recognized for its potatoes. Their “regular” measurement was $2.19 and fairly massive, however the potatoes have been thick and gluey. The gravy helped skinny them out a bit, however did not scent like conventional gravy.

The Church’s Hen gravy was not what I anticipated

The Church’s gravy had an sudden style.

The “regular” measurement was $1.99 for a big scoop of thick mashed potatoes and gravy.

The gravy tasted tangy and nearly candy — like with Popeyes’ Cajun gravy, for those who’re not anticipating a unique taste profile, it takes you unexpectedly.

However not like spicy gravy, which your tongue can finally perceive, the tangy taste profile of this gravy was a little bit overwhelming.

The KFC worth was the second most cost-effective

KFC’s mashed potatoes have been solely $2.09 for a person portion.

They have been solely $0.07 greater than probably the most cheap potatoes, ringing in at $2.09 for an “individual” portion.

It delivered in your normal mashed potatoes

KFC mashed potatoes are basic.

The sleek, skinny potatoes and gravy tasted nearly like what your grandma would serve at Thanksgiving. They lacked the lumpiness of actual, home made potatoes, however they will hit your nostalgia spot straight-on.

Boston Market tasted prefer it makes use of actual potatoes

Boston Market makes use of actual potatoes.

Whereas a few of these different eating places’ potatoes tasted faux or instantaneous, Boston Market’s tasted like they used actual potatoes. They have been fluffy and simply the correct quantity of lumpy, which made the $2.59 “regular” measurement fairly hearty.

The spices added an additional kick

The gravy has the correct quantity of spice.

The potatoes have been seasoned liberally with pepper, however the gravy was a little bit milder — maybe to maintain from overwhelming your palate. You can add additional salt for those who wished yours to have a little bit extra taste.

The winner is…

Boston Market mashed potatoes are the perfect.

Boston Market’s mashed potatoes tasted the perfect and probably the most actual. Should you’re on the lookout for a homemade-potatoes really feel, it does not get higher than this restaurant chain.

It does not damage that once you eat in-store they offer you actual bowls and silverware. It is like consuming at dwelling, even once you’re out.

Honorable mentions go to KFC, Popeyes, and El Pollo Loco

KFC, Popeyes, and El Pollo Loco all get an honorable point out.

However since Boston Market is a little bit pricier, for those who’re on the lookout for a extra cheap deal with, you would possibly need to attempt KFC.

And for those who’re seeking to get away of the flavour mould, attempt Popeyes’ spicy gravy or El Pollo Loco’s thick and salty gravy. You possibly can by no means have too many potatoes.

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