7 Up Cake: A Velvety Southern Delight

7 up cake
7 up cake

Velvety soft, moist, and topped with a classic 7-Up glaze, the 7 Up Cake is a delightful old-fashioned pound cake made the southern way. Prepare to indulge in a cake that combines tradition and innovation, resulting in a culinary masterpiece that will leave you craving for more.

7-Up Pound Cake Recipe

Growing up, my grandma Barb’s homemade 7-Up pound cake was a staple in our household. It’s delicious, no doubt. However, I’ve taken her recipe to new heights, introducing a secret ingredient that elevates the texture to unparalleled levels of perfection: heavy whipping cream! Trust me when I say, this 7 Up Cake is out of this world amazing!

An Irresistible Fusion

7-Up Pound Cake Recipe

My grandmother was obsessed with baking 7-Up pound cake. It seemed like she made it every week, leaving our home filled with its sweet, comforting aroma. While we mostly enjoyed it plain, occasionally, she would drizzle it with a glaze or top it with fresh strawberries and a dollop of cool whip. It was a treat that brought us all joy.

Unveiling Greatness

7-Up Pound Cake Recipe

Surprisingly, it took me until this year to make my own homemade 7-Up pound cake. The delightful scent of vanilla, sugar, and lemons filled my home all day long. The classic 7-Up pound cake is a true winner, and its flavors only intensify with time. Trust me when I say, it’s worth the wait.

A Burst of Flavor

Don’t let the name fool you; even if you’re not a fan of 7-Up, this cake might become one of your favorites. Its velvety softness, combined with its lemon-lime flavor, creates a culinary experience like no other. While some argue that any lemon-lime flavored soda can replace 7-Up, many Southern connoisseurs insist on the authentic recipe. I’ll leave that debate to the experts; just trust me and give this cake a try!


Q: Can I substitute the 7-Up with another lemon-lime soda?

A: While some recipes suggest alternatives, many traditionalists firmly believe that using 7-Up is essential for an authentic flavor. Nonetheless, feel free to experiment and find your favorite variation.

Q: Can I make this cake ahead of time?

A: Absolutely! In fact, this cake becomes even more delicious the next day. Prepare it in advance for a stress-free dessert option for gatherings or special occasions.


Indulging in the exquisite 7 Up Cake is like taking a heavenly bite of southern tradition. This velvety soft delight, enhanced by the unmistakable flavors of 7-Up, is a testament to culinary excellence. The Takeout Food brand invites you to embark on a journey of delightful exploration, celebrating the joy of food, creativity, and unforgettable flavors. Visit us at Takeout Food for more culinary inspiration and mouthwatering recipes.

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