5 Ingredient Pasta Salad: Quick, Easy, and Delicious!

5 ingredient pasta salad
5 ingredient pasta salad

5 Ingredient Pasta Salad Recipe

One of the best parts of being in a book club is experiencing different people’s homes every month. It’s a chance to see where they live, their unique style, and the little details that make each house a home. Plus, there’s always the added bonus of enjoying delicious homemade food together. In fact, for my last book club gathering, I brought along this amazing 5-ingredient pasta salad.

A Fresh and Flavorful Idea

Our book club met at my friend Kerry’s house, which meant a 45-minute car ride out of town. So whatever I made had to be able to withstand the journey and still taste fantastic by the time we arrived. With some fresh arugula sitting in my fridge, I decided to create a pasta salad using DeLallo products, known for their superior quality.

5 Ingredient Pasta Salad Recipe

The ingredients for this salad were wonderfully simple:

  • Whole wheat pasta (DeLallo’s is my personal favorite)
  • Fresh arugula (a flavorful addition to any pasta salad)
  • Fresh mozzarella (you can also use shredded cheese)
  • Roasted red peppers (sweet and smoky, a unique twist)
  • DeLallo’s traditional basil pesto

Discovering DeLallo’s Pesto

Now, let’s talk about this pesto. I’ll admit, I’ve always been skeptical of jarred pesto, especially basil pesto. It often lacks flavor, color, and freshness. But DeLallo changed my perspective. Their pesto is seriously good, the closest thing to fresh pasta I’ve found. It’s green, full of flavor, perfectly basil-y, cheesy, and nutty. Made with a mixture of pine nuts and cashews, it’s truly a standout product.

5 Ingredient Pasta Salad Recipe

A Perfect Combination

When I combined all the ingredients, the result was incredible. The pasta was deliciously chewy, the roasted red peppers added a delightful sweetness, and the arugula provided a peppery kick. And the pesto tied everything together with its fresh and vibrant flavor. It was a hit at book club, with everyone giving it a resounding thumbs up. Plus, the best part? It took just five minutes to prepare!

5 Ingredient Pasta Salad Recipe


1. Can I substitute the arugula with another green?

While the arugula adds a unique flavor to this pasta salad, you can easily substitute it with baby spinach or mixed greens if you prefer a milder taste.

2. Can I make this pasta salad in advance?

Absolutely! This pasta salad can be made ahead of time and refrigerated until serving. Just be sure to give it a good toss before serving to redistribute the dressing.


There’s something special about enjoying good food, great company, and engaging book discussions in the comfort of a friend’s home. This 5-ingredient pasta salad perfectly embodies the joy of such gatherings. With minimal effort and fantastic flavors, it’s an ideal dish for potlucks, picnics, or everyday meals.

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