0 Calorie Salad Dressing Recipe

0 calorie salad dressing recipe
0 calorie salad dressing recipe

Are you looking for a guilt-free way to enhance the flavors of your salads? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best low-calorie salad dressings on the internet, including a fantastic zero-calorie option that will revolutionize your salad game.

At Takeout Food, we understand that the dressing can make or break a salad. But we also recognize that many store-bought dressings can sneak in unwanted ingredients or derail your calorie goals. That’s why we advocate for making your own dressings. Not only does it give you complete control over the contents, but it’s also quick and simple!

Salad Dressing Recipe Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Don’t make too much: Fresh dressings spoil quickly, so it’s best to make 4-5 servings at a time to keep them fresh.
  2. Mason jars with lids: These make excellent containers for homemade dressings, keeping them fresh and easy to use.
  3. Don’t “overdress” your salad: Homemade dressings tend to be less thick than full-fat dressings, so pour slowly to avoid overdressing your salad.
  4. Variety is key: Experiment with different dressings to keep your salads exciting. All your favorite dressings have low-calorie versions to try.

Here are Some Good Salad Dressings to Start With

  1. Low Calorie Asian Dressing: Love an Asian salad? This tangy dressing made with rice vinegar and fresh ginger is a perfect choice. With only 5 calories per serving, it delivers all the flavors you love.
    Low Calorie Asian Dressing

  2. 3-Minute Skinny Caesar Dressing: Summer calls for a Caesar salad! This quick and easy dressing, with only 52 calories per serving, perfectly complements grilled chicken and fresh romaine lettuce.
    3-Minute Skinny Caesar Dressing

  3. Orange Vinaigrette: Embrace the refreshing flavors of summer with this citrus dressing. With just 27 calories, it adds a delightful touch to any cool summer salad.
    Orange Vinaigrette

  4. Healthy Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing: Craving the classic ranch flavor? This recipe uses Greek yogurt as a base, resulting in a creamy and delicious dressing with only 19 calories per serving.

  5. Lightened-up Poppy Seed Dressing: Give your salad a burst of flavor with this sweet and tangy dressing. Made with your choice of maple syrup, sugar, or honey, it’s the perfect complement to spinach, strawberries, and feta cheese.

  6. Italian/Herb Salad Dressing: Trim up your Italian meals with this flavorful dressing. Using just a small amount of olive oil, it keeps calories at a modest 77 per serving.

  7. Thousand Island Dressing: While not everyone’s favorite choice for a salad, this dressing shines as a dip or sandwich spread. This recipe combines low-calorie mayonnaise and Greek yogurt for a tasty twist on the classic flavor.

  8. Fat-Free Dijon Salad Dressing: Mustard lovers, this dressing is for you! With its sweet and tangy profile, it adds a burst of flavor to any salad while remaining fat-free.

  9. Oil-Free Balsamic Dressing: Versatile and delicious, balsamic dressing complements a variety of salads and meals. This recipe offers a low-calorie version of the classic, perfect for those watching their calorie intake.

  10. Zero Calorie Dressing: Yes, you read that correctly! This incredible dressing contains zero calories, made with just water, white vinegar, and seasonings. Enjoy the zing and flavor without any guilt!
    Zero Calorie Dressing

Let us know which dressing recipe is your favorite! At Takeout Food, we are committed to providing you with culinary inspiration and delicious recipes to enjoy.


Q: Can I store homemade dressings for a longer period?

A: Homemade dressings are best enjoyed fresh to maintain their flavors and quality. We recommend making smaller batches to ensure freshness. If you need to store them for a short period, seal them in mason jars with lids and refrigerate.

Q: Can I customize these dressings to suit my taste preferences?

A: Absolutely! The beauty of homemade dressings is that you have control over the ingredients and can adjust them to suit your taste. Feel free to experiment with herbs, spices, and other flavor enhancers to create your perfect dressing.


With these low-calorie salad dressing recipes, you can elevate your salads while adhering to your calorie goals. At Takeout Food, we believe that healthy eating should never compromise flavor. By making your own dressings, you can relish the joy of creating delicious meals that nourish both your body and your taste buds.

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